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by DAN1
Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:26 am
Forum: Music and Audio Production
Topic: CDJ's or Vinyl
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I have been telling all the dinosaurs that digital is the way to go for years, however recently I have been more and more aware of a nagging feeling that vinyl really does sound SO much better, maybe hard to pin it down exactly what's different, but when you play on a big sound system and slip a vin...
by DAN1
Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:09 am
Forum: Users' Help Exchange - closed
Topic: Why does my rendered track sound bad????
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Hi there, a few things on this. 1. I completely agree about how great Live is, I have been using it since v1 and it is indeed revolutionary - thankyou. 2. Due to recent improvements and developments I am now using live for production as well as DJing. I am now noticing problems with sound quality af...