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by trknopnyc
Sat Jul 22, 2006 5:05 am
Forum: Tips & Tricks
Topic: Please help me sync two laptops with live on both!!
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AudioMidi + Network MIDI device

To set up network midi via 10.4's built in network midi controls is extremely easy. On all of the machines you want to add into the synchronized pool... 1: Open AudioMidi Setup (/Applications/Utilities/AudioMidi 2: Double-Click the Network Midi device icon 3: Click the "+" button below "M...
by trknopnyc
Sat Jul 16, 2005 9:14 am
Forum: Feature Wishlist
Topic: Live 5: Zooming to scrubbing too close for me
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I agree - Really Really bad location.

I'm very disappointed that a "feature" like this was implemented so poorly. I've almost stopped my testing of version 5 after deciding that having something that can possibly ruin a live tracking/mix session isn't worth the other few features I might use. I was so excited to be able to use the side ...