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by ManuLux
Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:42 am
Forum: Music and Audio Production
Topic: Looper "jumps" out of recording
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Re: Looper "jumps" out of recording

How inverse the polarity with the Foot switch pedal on the APC 40. I've got the same problem to use it in the looper.
Somebody could tell me if he going to use the looper with the foot switch of the APC 40.
by ManuLux
Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:14 am
Forum: Live 8 Beta -- done --
Topic: [amo] Looper Undo Bug?
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Re: Looper Undo Bug?

Hello, I've got the same problem with the Apc 4O. When i map the midi, i see the Foot Switch pedal send a "cc164" in live. It's possible then you should change the "CC" comand in "note" command. But i have seen, it's not possible to do this with the APC 40. If somebody know how make this control... ...