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by Urbem
Mon Jul 25, 2005 5:01 pm
Forum: Music and Audio Production
Topic: How is the Live 5 ver. for Those Who've Upgraded?
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Wait for Live 5.1.4 to compare :)

I'm quiet positive that Live 5.1.4 will be much more stable than Live 4.1.4!

I'm sure Ableton will release a few quickies within the next weeks and sort out the biggest bugs. I'm quite happy to be able to use Live 5 without having to download, uninstall/Install a new version every 2 days!
by Urbem
Mon Jul 25, 2005 2:16 pm
Forum: Users' Help Exchange - closed
Topic: Problems looping MP3 files
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Problems looping MP3 files

So here it is : I load an MP3 file and have L5 auto-warp it. I select a (4-8 or 16 bars) loop and scroll across the MP3 file to find a loop that will fit with the current liveset that is playing. I set the Global Quantize to 1/16 and use the mouse and/or assign the loop start point to a MIDI knob. T...
by Urbem
Thu May 12, 2005 3:57 pm
Forum: Feature Wishlist
Topic: My Wishlist :)
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My Wishlist :)

So here is my wishlist: Misc : - A simple notepad to write down stuff about the current Liveset. - The ability to launch or confirm launching of other Rewire apps (with specific preset) that are required for a LiveSet. - The ability to insert audio and MIDI tracks from other Livesets. - The ability ...
by Urbem
Fri May 06, 2005 12:31 pm
Forum: Music and Audio Production
Topic: Building silent PC DAW
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I have spent a lot of money on quiet PC stuff and it did indeed came quiet but not dead silent. Recently i've moved my PC to the room next to my working area. The PC is actually 2 meters form me but in another room with 2 small holes in the wall for the cables (USB, VGA, MIDI, Audio, etc...). I can ...
by Urbem
Sat Mar 19, 2005 2:49 pm
Forum: Music and Audio Production
Topic: VSTi's that are well-behaved changing patches
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There are three things you might consider or try!

1. Don't change preset when the VSTI is still genrating an important amount of audio.

2. Change preset within de VSTI interface. Don't use the Live Preset box with the VSTI minimized.

3. Get the latest version of your plugins.