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by Cryptic UK
Sun Sep 18, 2005 9:03 pm
Forum: Feature Wishlist
Topic: Tidy up the effects browser
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Tidy up the effects browser


after using a few of lives effects the browser gets very untidy with all the presets open.

there should be a way, when you click on a track the only presets that are open are the ones being used by the corresponding track.

please put this on ableton help me keep it tidy

by Cryptic UK
Mon Aug 08, 2005 11:39 am
Forum: Tips & Tricks
Topic: Jungle Drop Bass Sound
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The operator is not an upgrade its an intrument on its own and a good one at that, thats why you buy it. :D
by Cryptic UK
Sat Aug 06, 2005 12:03 am
Forum: Feature Wishlist
Topic: Full NRPN Support
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I have lots of equipment that uses NRPN, it makes no sense that i can not use my equipment this way with live.

i think this should be put in aswell.