Ableton should strip down Live for iPhone's!

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What do you think?

Yes, I would buy it if the price was right
No, I wouldn't buy it regardless of price
I'm an iPhone user and I think it's a dumb idea
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Ableton should strip down Live for iPhone's!

Post by detroitechno » Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:50 am

I recently got an iPhone (16GB black). I've been experimenting with a lot of the beat maker, fake monome, iTM stuff....

They are all useful in certain ways, and the future looks bright.

But what I've noticed is they are all 'toys' somewhat, than very useful tools.

Ableton should strip down Live into a very primitive iPhone app.

Ableton Live iPhone Edition:

16/44.1 wav/aiff only
no vst(i) support
no mp3 support
8 track maximum
1 Aux maximum
1 return maximum
1 very light reverb at any given time
1 filter selectable to bp,lp,hp
1 3 band eq
no audio input
midi beat clock in/out through wifi only
no other midi support
Live (full) can open/work on iPhone Live files.
$40-60 for non Live owners
$20-30 for Live owners

For the last 5+ years I've traveled around with 1 Macbook and 1 PC notebook. Mac running traktor with the PC running Ableton.

90% of the stuff I'm doing in Live is pre-cut loops. Lugging around a laptop, with midi controller and sound card is a waste when you think you could have all of that right in an iphone in a limited way.

So, would you guys buy this? Am I crazy thinking I could run a tiny Live off my iphone? I personally would love to see this.
All I'm using my
A bunch of gear, cords, and a computer...

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Post by timothyallan » Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:15 am

Resolution on the iPhone is shitass.

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