ableton live 7 how to omit noise like sound forge does?

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Post by forge » Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:36 am

g000fy wrote:wow lots of information :) thats a good thing.

yea my room has TONS of noise....i have 3 PSU`s (with fans in them) 2 of the PSU`s are in 2 computers with the side panels off and the 3rd psu is sitting on the floor powering 4 hard drives in a raid0 that are also on the floor outside the computer case with a 5 1/4" radio shack fan directly in front of them also on the floor.

then i have 2 8800gts G92s in one of my boxes and also a zalman 9700 cnps and in that same box i have 2 more smaller fans.

i know my room makes alot of noise but when i was testing out sound forge that little tic that i checked on took all that out....i forget the exact name but its already after you bring up the record settings then its a check you tic on or worked surprisingly well so i was just thinking there might be something like that for live!

oh on top of that im just using the audigy LS and a regular computer mic stand....yes i know this is all crap but sound forge did make it sound like 20x better then not having that little app running that reduces those noises.

i love ableton live (im not knocking it) i just wish it could do the same thing (analyze the ambient sounds) and subtract those noises automatically while actually recording.

so there is nothing like that for live even for a VST?
there are many VSTs around, the Waves X-Noise type ones among others, but as I said before they are tools more intended for things like film crews who were shooting in noisy environments to try and pick out the dialogue - things where the sound quality doesn't matter so much

with music people go to great lengths to just choose the right mic/pre-amp etc etc etc because the subtle differences can be a really big deal in musical aesthetics

it might "work" but you are butchering the sound quality and there will definitely come a point where you start to realise that the vocal sound is really sub-par because you've bleached it with noise reduction

do you really need all those machines on at once?

personally I think if you are going to the bother of recording at all you should take that little bit of time to reset the space you're in first

in fact you probably get so used to all those fans going you dont realise just what a noisy environment you are in

it's funny, you remind me of myself when I first got into this stuff when I was in my late teens/early 20s - going for the easiest option - not bothering to set up the space and trying to tear out all the shit with fancy plug-ins - in fact I probably even used early versions of sound forge to do exactly what you're suggesting!

seriously, not just as a sound engineering exercise, but as a 'zen like' musical exercise, try the experience of turning off EVERYTHING in this noisy room for a few minutes and just listen to the space, then try singing in the space and get a feel for how it sounds, THEN try turning on ONE computer and be aware of the difference it makes to the space - I almost guarantee you will be hunting for quilts and pillows and whatever to stick over the computer etc to try and damp down that horrible polluting noise!!!!

and while you are actually recording you don't need all of those things on at once, just try recording on the quietest machine and then turn everything else on when you need it

this is not even considering how much all those fans will influence your monitoring

if you really want to make music it really would pay to consider all of that - only turn things on when you need them

plus that way you might also ONLY do music at one time and not get distracted by other tasks....

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Post by Nod » Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:48 am

g000fy wrote:so there is nothing like that for live even for a VST?
Yes there are quite a few ie: Algorithmix, Waves, iZotope etc. However something free you could try, not as good as the first 3 obviously, is Reafir - part of the freebie Reaper plugs.

Build a noise profile using the subtract mode on your source - admittedly with the racket you describe going on in the background it's never going to be perfect :wink: HTH

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