Trouble installing live

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Trouble installing live

Post by Kilroy » Sat Dec 20, 2008 3:56 am

About a month ago I downloaded the demo of Live. The demo put live version 7.0.10 on my computer. I was happy. It ran great. It was fast and it saw all my midi stuff immediately and I was really productive with it. So I did the logical thing and bought the Suite. Today I got my Live Suite CDs and installed the Live 7 CD. Then, on the instructions of an Ableton tech support rep, I copied all the ALPs from EIC2 and Session Drums disks 1 and 2 to my hard drive, and then dragged them onto Live and they began slowly (over about a three-hour period) installing. And then Live became a total dog. Everything took about 10x as long to load, and the audio engine would not work. When I tried to load one set, the menubar (File, Edit, Help, etc) disappeared and Live froze up. When I tried to drag a session drums kit onto a track, Live completely flipped out. I rebooted, started Live, and checked the version number. The install from the disks had given me version 7.0.1. I am not sure if that is older or newer than version 7.0.10 which I received with the demo. Probably older. So I decided to download the 7014 update and install and see if that helped. No good, same horrible results.

At this point I had three installs of Live on my machine, none of which worked as well as the free demo I had been using. So I did a system restore –2 days. I ran my original demo version of Live, unlocked everything with the serial number and presto, I was in business. However, I wanted to install the drum sets from the Suite disks, since there were a lot on them that I didn’t have installed (I guess you don’t get the whole thing with the demo)? So I dragged a couple of session drum ALPs in and got the same errors (slowness, no menubar, etc.) So there appears to be a problem with the session drums and my existing setup?

I want to make sure I am using all the ALPs that came with the Suite, but I am not sure how. It seems like I have a couple of options:

1. Completely uninstall Live and download the latest 7014 version and then try to install the ALPs from the Suite disks again.
2. Download the latest 7014 version, unlock it with my serial, and then try to download the session drummer update available on the site.
3. Stick with what I have and wish I had not bought suite because I can’t get the drums in it to work.

Do I have other options? What should I do? My objective is to get everything running, preferably with the latest version of Live and all the ALPs from the Suite disk installed.

I am running WinXP SP2 on a 2.1ghz Athlon 64 with 3 gigs of RAM. My system drive is 160 gigs, I have another internal drive with 160gigs, and a 160gig external firewire drive.

Thanks in advance for reading about my disaster and providing any insights you have.


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Post by dcease » Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:08 am

you dragged the .alp's onto live? :? sounds weird, but if they say it should work, then it should! you prolly should use 7.0.14, but i can't vouch for it yet... i don't have the boxed suite, so i didn't personally install the eic/session drums, but if they are .alp's, i would personally go to prefs/live packs, and scroll to the bottom and click on "search for live packs". this will give you the option to search your live library, or the web, so i'd imagine if you copy the .alp's from the disks into the live library location for packs (not sure for location on windows), and run that search, that would be the proper way to do it. if it was just one or two packs, you can just double click them on the desktop, and it will install the .alp automatically.

fuck it, try double clicking each one from your desktop, it'll take forever, but that *should* work :) after all it's around 40 gigs of stuff, right? you should prolly have your live library on your second drive, or the fw drive... you can copy it to the other drive, and set live to access that location in prefs/file,folder. and don't save your projects in the live library! save them in a different location.

good luck, and if you can't get it sorted, support should help.

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Post by Tone Deft » Sat Dec 20, 2008 7:48 pm

the session drums are a HUGE amount of data, multisamples. install them one at a time, not all at once.

as for overall slow performance after that, did you by chance make your default set the set with all the .alp files in it? that'd crash most machines.

I doubt you have to uninstall Live, just get it to stop going after all that drum data. try deleting your config file.

ugh, I can't find where that files lives.

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