Ableton + MC-808 + program changes

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Ableton + MC-808 + program changes

Post by catch22 » Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:20 pm

I am using Ableton with a Roland MC-808. Midi clips in Ableton playing the Roland like a sound module. Everything is working OK apart from the program changes triggered by Live.

I am able to change between programs 1-128 on each of the 16 channels
but can't access the rest of the banks.

I've tried a whole load of different combinations in the Bank/Sub bank / Program boxes for a clip but nothing works. The MC-808 goes crazy if I enter anything in Bank and Sub bank.

On the Roland there is LSB 00 - 07 with 128 patches in each. MSC 81 for all cases.

Does anyone know if this is even possible as I've heard the whole program change thing is a bit shakey?


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