Official coupon statement

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Official coupon statement

Post by dom » Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:35 pm

Hello all,

There has been some guesswork, inquiries and discussions going on in the forum regarding the discount coupons we sent to thank our long-time customers for their ongoing support.

I talked to the guys, and here's how that worked:

- First, you needed to be subscribed to the newsletter. Without you having agreed to receive the newsletter from us, we are basically not allowed to send you an email without you having asked for it

- Second, we thought about what makes a user "long-term", and decided on the following rule: Everybody who owns Live/Suite 7 and upgraded to version 7 from an older full version of Live

As any set of rules we could have chosen, this surely left out some of you guys. If you felt you fell through the cracks, just drop us a line to and we'll be in touch. Just a little favor we'd like to ask: As you all see, the feedback on our announcement is quite tremendous, please accept to wait a little for an answer.

What's really important: Having sent this special gift only to some does not imply that we are not grateful to all of you, who bought any version of Live. We know it's you who make ongoing Live development possible. Thanks for that.

ableton support team