MIDI controlled Itunes browsing + clip loading in Live (MAC)

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MIDI controlled Itunes browsing + clip loading in Live (MAC)

Post by riotschool » Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:53 am

Ok guys,

as it seems that Live 8 doesn´t really provide any news on the browser (categories, sorting options, ID3 implementation etc...) and because a lot of us are using iTunes for music organisation and drag&drop to load the clips...I had the idea to develope a way to browse through your playlist and to be able to drop a selected song to Live without touching the keyboard or the mouse.

I did this by programming an applescript which loads the selected file to the pasteboard and switches over to Live to let it drop on the selected clip.

To be honest it took me a while (and a lot of help from some scripting gurus on developer boards) to figure it out, but I got it working.

Short demo video here:


What you see there is the application "Midipipe" which provides the midi-to-applescript interface to get the script running. I also use it as a software-midicontroller (the little piano roll in the video) to make the "controller" visible on the screen capture.

You can see that the song I´ve selected in iTunes magically appears in Live in the same moment I clicked on the piano roll. That´s what my script did.

If anybody is interested in using this for his setup...let me know and I´ll provide the mipi files via mail etc...

Hope this helps somebody out there to get a bit closer to mouseless performing with Live. :)


Riot School

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