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Re: Ableton most succesful music software company!

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 5:29 pm
by DrXparaMental
Pretty certain they are talking about an exponential growth factor here. From whence we came and where we are at presently type thing. Facing facts, as I know everyone here is proud to, without question the Abes have changed not only the "electronic" music performance and design perspective, but rather the entire DIY music production ethic and aesthetic.

I see Ableton Live with respect to production and design as basically the same thing as the myriad of various stomp boxes were to the electric guitar 35-40 years ago. Kind of a present tense Electro Harmonix. Only, at this point in the evolution of electric music making, the "stomp box" is universally applicable well outside the boundaries of just certain instruments plugging into it's facilitation.

I can honestly see where this sentiment is coming from. It's true. No one has effected more real change in the realm DIY music making than Ableton. Thing is, i don't even think we have seen anymore than the tip of the iceberg of change. What the company will eventually accomplish as long as they continue as they have thus far will be quantum in nature. In fact, I would say it already is.

Re: Ableton most succesful music software company!

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 5:39 pm
by evon
Aequitas123 wrote:
djsynchro wrote:we are now the most successful music software company out there
How is "most successful" defined ?
My point..exactly. Being "bigger", or being "market leader" IMO does not exactly explain "most successful". In my mind it implies some sort of a rate.How It describes movement in relation to some other entity.