How did you guys get started performing gigs?

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Re: How did you guys get started performing gigs?

Post by emef » Mon May 11, 2009 2:24 pm

i dj'd for years but never really got anywhere
i released records solidly for a few years
when i got an internet connection in 2000 and put my email on the records
people started emailing me asking me to play live
i do 30+ gigs a year round the world

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Re: How did you guys get started performing gigs?

Post by the_antagonist » Mon May 11, 2009 2:41 pm

ciw wrote:Third option: start promoting your own night. Book a venue, fill it with people, put on a good party. I didn't actually do this, I got sucked into promoting one after I'd met the people running it. End result is the same though, you get to decide who is on the lineup.
yeh do that.

thats how to play. however in my opinion. too much like hard work. it never worked for me. hired awesome guest but still no one turned up. being part of a clique is the thing you need.

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Re: How did you guys get started performing gigs?

Post by Sage » Mon May 11, 2009 11:42 pm

I've played guitar in bands for years, first gigs were parties, got offered gigs from there, also got in touch with promoters and venues etc. Well the others did, I just wrote the tunes and turned up wherever I was told to be.

Just gotta get out and get talking to people and if you get a number or email, make sure you follow it up.

If you wanna do DJ'ing, it's exactly the same, I wouldn't go starting a night just for the sake of it, if there's potential for another night in your area or you have something different to put on, then go for it, but again, gotta be talking to people otherwise no one will be there!

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Re: How did you guys get started performing gigs?

Post by Sphinx » Tue May 12, 2009 2:24 am

ewistrand wrote:I was playing in a jam band at a party in the early- mid '70s. There was a booking agent there who liked what he heard. It's been downhill ever since.

Classic! :lol:

- My first live gigs were kegger house parties in Pasadena - junior/senior in high school (1971/1972). We'd do double-bills with "Mammoth", another Pasadena band featuring two Indo-Dutch bros by the name of Van Halen. They then recruited my classmate/fellow stoner-bud "Diamond Dave" to handle their lead vox, and the rest is history! (Dave would always tell us, "boys - one of these days I'm gonna' be a BIG rock star!" We'd reply, "Whatever, Roth...just pass the fuckin' joint!")

- Probably did the most gigs from 1972-1976 whilst studying music comp in college. Played in assorted "classic rock cover bands" - playing army bases, high school proms, beer bars, etc. Learned most of what I know about playing live during this period.

- Played in bar bands from 1976-1979, and eventually got tired of starving - went back to school to study finance.

- 1984-1986 were definitely the most fun gigs. Though I was working as a Certified Financial Planner during the day, I was playing keys/winds/reeds with Mike Pinera & The Blues Image, best known for their 1970 Top 5 One-Hit Wonder "Ride, Captain Ride..." - a classic rock staple. We did shows in NYC, Vancouver & Miami as well as a lot of gigs here in Southern California - sharing the bill with Iron Butterfly, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Johnny Rivers and others. After having played in cheesy bar bands for all those years, playing in a "D-list Rock Band" in front of thousands of balding yuppies was kinda' cool! :D

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Re: How did you guys get started performing gigs?

Post by MetalCube » Tue May 12, 2009 10:32 am

One thing that makes it even harder for me is the fact there is barely any EDM in Orlando Florida. Theres a couple concerts and those trenches are looking to be the only place to go. (First and second slot DJs)

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