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EnjoyRC wrote:
WebSite! wrote:
hoffman2k wrote: There is no way to record midi output from a vst in live 4.
uh, :cry:
are you completely sure about this?!
i do this easily in Cubase and it's an awesome trick.
It's already been confirmed that LIVE doesn't support VSTi that output MIDI. It's not recognized ..... yet. I hope they add this ability. So far, Cubase is the only host that supports MIDI out from VSTi. Yet, don't let that discourage you about Groove Agent. It is absolutely incredible. And it works very well under LIVE.
You can record MIDI from a VSTi in Tracktion as well, though it is a bit fiddly.

I REALLY hope that Ableton gets around to implementing this in an incremental update! Bornemark's upcoming Broomstick Bass is probably also outputting MIDI (but I'm guessing here).

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