Live 8 has to be connected to internet?

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Re: Live 8 has to be connected to internet?

Post by daniel_grieff » Fri May 08, 2009 4:16 pm

georgeblunt wrote:It's actually the missing hardware causing the problem, not the missing connection, as far as I know. It's got something to do with the id, that is being generated based on the installed hardware. If the ID changes, you have to re-authorize, because live "thinks" you are using it on another computer.
This man has it spot on, as far as i can tell. I have the same problem with a USB bluetooth adapter that i use from times to time. AFAIK, this is going to be the case with anything that can be used as a modem, as that is what the deviceID is generated from. So I guess the phone causing these symptoms as described above.
Id love to hear other peoples' experiences of fixing this, I want my bluetooth back!


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Re: Live 8 has to be connected to internet?

Post by [nis] » Fri May 08, 2009 6:16 pm

Hi folks,

this should not occur with 8.0.2 anymore. In case you still have any problems in 8.0.2, please contact us.

Nico Starke
Ableton Product Team

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Re: Live 8 has to be connected to internet?

Post by solar28 » Sat May 09, 2009 7:35 am

Sibanger wrote:This is the fix from Abes- (Nico Starke)
Please try the following:

1. remove the "template.als" file from the following folder:

c:/documents and settings/[your username]/application data/ableton/live 8.0.1/preferences/template.als

You might want to make a backup of the file first, in case the template is of any importance for you.

2. launch Live and check if that works flawlessly now.

3. now check if Live is authorized when you launch it whilst you are online and offline. In case you're offline and it is not authorized:

-stay offline
-go to the "User Account / Licenses" pane (in Live's preferences)
-click "display offline authorization instructions"
-write down the hardware code
-go online
-go to
-click "unlock another computer"
-enter the hardware code
-download the .auz file to your desktop
-go offline
-open Live
-double-click the .auz file or drag it into Live's main window (just like if you would import an audio file).

This should unlock Live in the offline mode. Some more background information on why this is neccessary: We use the network adapter to create the challenge code (aka hardware code). If you use multiple network adapters or deactivate your adapter temporarily, the machine code will change and thus the unlock becomes invalid. If you unlock it again in offline mode, Live stores both unlock information and then uses either one or the other, depending on your online/offline state. Sorry for the inconvenience.
This fixed my authorisation problems being off/online on Live 8.01.

Hope this helps.
8.02 doesn't fix it, I'll try these suggestions and contact Ableton. Thanks for the help . . .

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