So, is anybody getting reliable OSX sync?

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lasers and their beams
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So, is anybody getting reliable OSX sync?

Post by lasers and their beams » Tue Aug 20, 2002 5:55 pm

We are trying, via midisport 2x2, to slave "slowey" the 667 to our yamaha aw2816 and pc. I'm using OSX. The yamaha drives the pc w/Reason just fine, but the tibook is having no parts of it. We have the latest 2x2 OSX driver. I know I read that this is possible, I think tjwett has had success. Live is getting the sync info, and starting/stopping, but that's it.
If anyone is having OSX success with a different interface, I'll get it. We WERE pumped about playing out, but our hopes are fading... :(
thanks, steve

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Post by chris_borgia » Tue Aug 20, 2002 11:56 pm

are you having these issues with OS9?

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Post by joshcarter » Wed Aug 21, 2002 4:50 pm

MidiMan just released new beta drivers for the MIDISport boxes on Friday. Go to their site and do the driver search, and check the "show beta and previous versions." The new one (3.0b1 I think) addresses timing issues.

FWIW, I was using my e-drums with Reason and Live and having a buttload of MIDI timing problems with the MIDISport under OS X. New drivers fixed it completely.


lasers and their beams
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Post by lasers and their beams » Wed Aug 21, 2002 5:58 pm

That is great news about the new driver, I'll try it.

I haven't tried Live in 0s9, really trying to avoid it, if possible.

Thanks Josh and Chris!


Post by WaTTz » Wed Aug 21, 2002 9:36 pm

I tried the new 3.0b1 drivers and still no ext sync with Live. The tempo on Live is totally wacked:x However, Reason 2 works fine on ext sync. Actually it's tighter than ever since the last revision. Does Reason send out sync too? I couldn't get an ext sync out from Reason.

I tried OS 9.2.2 and there are no sync problems.


same syncing problems w/OS 10.2 and MIDIsport 2x2 as others

Post by Nate » Fri Aug 30, 2002 3:51 am

As far as I can tell MIDI syncing multiple devices using Live and a MIDIsport 2x2 doesn't work under OS X. I am having similar syncing problems, like the poster WaTTz is having: I am trying to sync 2 Powerbooks, both running OS 10.2 and Live 1.5.2, both using MIDIsport 2x2 interfaces *with the latsest drivers*, with no luck. Just like in WaTTz's case, the slave computer runs about 25-30 BPMs behind the master computer. With master and slave set to 133, I hit the EXT button on the slave and play on the master, and both play, but the slave immediately drops to 99-102 BPM (it actually fluctuates). Furthermore, while the 'S' light on the slave indicating sync pulses to the tempo of the master, the 2 computers are certainly not in sync. I quick 4/4 bass drum loop reveals this very clearly.

The odd part is that I can get the 2 computers to sync pretty much dead on, including tempo changes, when using OS 9 on both the machines. This is frustrating because I wanted to use OS X for its stability; it hasn't crashed once on me, while the OS 9 version of Live quits out all too often.

So is this a MIDIman issue, or an Abelton one? It would be nice to hear from a technically adept person from either of these companies who could shed some light on this...


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Post by WaTTz » Mon Sep 02, 2002 6:22 pm

Ok.. After wasting a lot of time on testing, I just came to a conclusion that it is not a Midiman issue and it's an Ableton issue.

For one thing I also have a G4 Cube and there are no sync problems with OS 10.2 and Live 1.5.2. However, on my TiBook 800 the problem persists with the sync being offset by about 30 bpm.

In addition, I tested another midi interface, Emagic MT4 with OS 10.2 and the Midisport 2x2 with my TiBook 800 and I still get the same sync issue. For some reason Live won't sync properly on Powerbook G4's and any midi I/O's using OS X.

Could someone at Ableton acknowledge that this is an issue?


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