A dummie's guide to Monomulator and SevenUpLive for APC40

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A dummie's guide to Monomulator and SevenUpLive for APC40

Post by moodles » Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:22 am

So I finally got my APC40 on Friday (ordered in May, thanks Musician's Friend). One thing I'd really like to try out is the monomulator from trackteam audio, especially with 7up, but I have to admit that the configuration is probably more confusing than I can figure out.

Has anyone been successful in getting this to work with the APC40? I'd truly appreciate some tips. I looked at the directions for both monomulator and 7up and couldn't make much sense of the set up requirements.

Here are a few things I'm wondering:
Which monomulator file do I open from Max runtime? Where do the 7up files need to live so that max and monomulator can see them? How do I configure my ports? Do I need Java? Do I need some kind of MIDI management program?

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