Ricardo Villalobos feature on Arte "24h Berlin"

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Re: Ricardo Villalobos feature on Arte "24h Berlin"

Post by ton » Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:42 pm

henke wrote:Yes. It is absolutely impossible to accomplish anything serious with it. It cannot even compose.
Even if that would be true, I really do not care! :) For me Live is the NUMBER 1 in the DAW world for live performances, followed by NUMBER 2 Reaper.

Your last interview here is great. I liked especially that part about the balance in a 4/4 rhythm, kick and snare balance...
M: I think I understand.... If you look at a normal 4/4 pattern, if you look at one bass drum, and move it away from 1, 5, 9, 13, if you just move one bass drum away, the whole thing falls apart. The only thing you can do is to add off-beat elements. But it's always the idea of the whole straight programming, that you need to add additional elements to make sense out of it. As soon as you look at these double time, half time, broken grooves, you realise, or I realised for myself, there's much more freedom. Because what constitutes the groove is not the bass drum itself, it's the interaction between the bass drum and the snare- for someone coming from a rock background, this is like, ‘wow, boy, tell me news' [laughs]. I guess someone from a rock background would now think ‘techno idiot'. Because it's so obvious from a drummers perspective. The whole groove, if you move yourself mentally away from a straight bass drum, you're looking at a groove as this kind of complex interaction of elements, and suddenly it all becomes elastic. And it's a little bit like a game of chess, you move the bass drum somewhere else, then you realise, that's cool, now I can add a clap at this part here, and it makes sense again. We're finally reaching this process of creating this beat sculpture again, you cut off a part at one part of the sculpture, then you realise it's not that the sculpture is falling apart, but you need to change something at a different part of the sculpture. And this means, OK, you change the bass drum pattern, and instead of saying now it doesn't work anymore, you think OK, which element do I need to shift somewhere else to get it back in balance. And suddenly something comes up which is really cool. And you realise it might be two bars, or four bars or eight bars to make sense. And that's just so much fun. I think that's the point. Suddenly the fun came back.
It would be great to continue on this topic somewhere in the forum, maybe using even sound examples.

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Re: Ricardo Villalobos feature on Arte "24h Berlin"

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