VJ Software- VDMX or Livid Union

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VJ Software- VDMX or Livid Union

Post by towers of silence » Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:58 pm

So I'm looking into getting some VJ software to use alongside LIve, and I've narrowed it down to these two based on price and features, they seem to be pretty similar in many ways. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on either one?

I've downloaded demos of both and played around with them, and I found Union to be much easier to navigate around, at least for a n00b like myself, but it seems like VDMX may have more advanced features that I may want when I get more familiar with vj'ing. Basically I'm not serious enough about it to want to buy the rolls royce of VJ software, but I've tried out some really basic software and most of it lacks features I need. I want to get something that I can grow with as my skill develops, but it only going to augment my live set, it's not going to be my primary focus, so it doesn't need to have every single bell & whistle.

I'm leaning toward Union due to the fact that I find it's interface easier to understand, but it looks like VDMX is more flexible in the long run. Given my lack of knowledge about VJ software I'm just not sure if Union is lacking features that VDMX has that I may find useful later on, or if some of VDMX's additional flexibility would be superfluous to me- One thing I like about VDMX is the fact that it can work with my Arduinome, but that's not a make-or-break feature.

Anyone care to weigh in on either of these?

edit-basically, I like Union, is there anything that a total n00b like myself wouldn't know to look for initially as a feature but would be sorry it didn't have it after I gained more experience VJ'ing? A feature VDMX has that I'm going to find really useful that Union doesn't have?

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