Bug L805 on WinXP32SP3: Text search for Live Plugs = freeze

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Bug L805 on WinXP32SP3: Text search for Live Plugs = freeze

Post by jasefos » Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:00 pm

Hi Live 805er's,

Here is a bug I have 100% repro with in all versions of Live 8.
I encountered this primarily because I always prefer to let the computer do the hard work of finding plugins for me by text searches rather than navigating my large VST plugin tree structure (it is large and all legit commercial plugins and/or shareware or freeware).

1. Launch Live

2. In the Browser, open the Live Device node.

3. Click the magnifying glass icon to do a text search.

4. Type any partial name of one of Live's in-built plugins and press enter

5. Application becomes unresponsive (GUI freeze) and internal hard drive is chugging away for what seems forever. This search should be near instantaneous. If you wait about 5 minutes a results list will finally appear. Otherwise the initial reaction is to think the application has crashed and you end up killing Live in the Task Manager.

I will test on my Mac Book Pro next.

Can anyone else repro this issue?
It has bought several sessions to a stop until I discovered the pattern.

What is the proper mechanism to report this issue considering 8.05 is now out of beta?



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Re: Bug L805 on WinXP32SP3: Text search for Live Plugs = freeze

Post by chaircrusher » Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:44 am

I'm seeing this same problem on my Desktop system -- Core2 Quad 9550 4 Gig Ram, new SATA disks for sample storage.

A couple of times I did this and got impatient and killed Live, and I had to reboot to restart it.

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