It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

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It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by alex.the.forge » Fri Sep 25, 2009 4:39 am

I hereby graciously hand over the title of biggest forum whore.


....and what's more, he did it in half the time!

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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by aisling » Fri Sep 25, 2009 4:54 am

:D well I hope he lives long and prosperous. My only concern would be the repetitive strain injury possibility.....

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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by liveISlife » Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:34 am


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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by dburns » Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:11 am

This is based on volume, not content, right?
Dave Burns
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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by pepezabala » Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:18 am

dburns wrote:This is based on volume, not content, right?
Exactly. Same as techno. Based on volume, not content.

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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by zalo » Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:44 am

pepezabala wrote:
dburns wrote:This is based on volume, not content, right?
Exactly. Same as techno. Based on volume, not content.

[sends post to get mastered]


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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by starving student » Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:57 am

if only stfu was a number

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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by Ball Sack » Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:42 am

Lord of the gays

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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by SubFunk » Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:12 am

congrats, keep on praying all day long from the book to all the children out there.
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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by bosonHavoc » Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:17 am

lets all eat taco's in a celebratory manor

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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by 8O » Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:21 am

Ball Sack wrote:Lord of the gays
I, for one, welcome our new gay overlord.

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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by Pitch Black » Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:31 am


To mark this momentus occasion, please accept 1337 anagrams of:

forge is dead! long live deft!

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gloved fingers defoliated develed defoliating frogs
gloved offering deadliest develed defoliating frogs
reveled fiddling footages develed floridian foggest

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levered digesting offload develed flooding frigates
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develed firings floodgate delve defrosting foliaged
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delved differentials gogo olivers doffing delegated
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delved defrosting foliage loveliest gadding offered

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delved stooging fieldfare loveliest edging afforded
delved forging defoliates loveliest doffing degrade
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vilest doggoned fieldfare evilest engorged daffodil
televise lodging afforded virologist deafen fledged
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livest doggoned fieldfare leftovers defiling goaded
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loves differential dogged grovel indigested leadoff
svelte doggoned fairfield glover indigested leadoff
overfill defeating dodges vogel desolating differed
reveille doggoned distaff vogel differentials dodge

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violet renigged offsaddle vogel defoliating fedders
violet gingered offsaddle vogel differential dodges
vogel gladdened fortifies vole differentials dogged
vogel differing desolated vole differentials dogged
glove desolating differed love differentials dogged
glove differentials dodge love differentials dogged
glove differentials dodge visaged toddling forefeel
glove defoliating fedders visaged oftener goldfield
glove differential dodges disfavored enfield toggle

glove gladdened fortifies disfavored fleeting ogled
glove differing desolated disfavored fleeting lodge
leftover seagoing fiddled disfavored niggle feedlot
disfavored gentile fodgel advertise flooding fledge
disfavored feline toggled advertise fooling fledged
disfavored golfing delete sedative fledgling roofed
deviators fledgling defoe sedative fledging floored
deviators enfield flogged sedative fledging flooder
avoiders fledging feedlot sedative flooring fledged
advertised felling goofed sedative golfing refolded

advertised olefin flogged deviates fledgling roofed
advertised fooling fledge deviates fledging floored
advertise fledging fooled deviates fledging flooder
deviates flooring fledged derogative offended gills
deviates golfing refolded derogative offended gills
advisee fledging foretold aggrieved fieldstone fold
favoreds teeing goldfield aggrieved sniffled tooled
favoreds teeing goldfield aggrieved sniffled toodle
savored lifelong fidgeted aggrieved sniffled toledo
derogative sniffled ogled aggrieved sniffled looted

derogative sniffled lodge aggrieved onefold stifled
derogative sniffle lodged deviator fledglings defoe
derogative offends gilled deviator fledglings defoe
federative sniggled flood avoided fosterling fledge
federative sledging flood deviated floorings fledge
federative geldings flood deviate fledglings roofed
federative niggled floods deviate fledglings roofed
federative gelding floods deviate floorings fledged
federative folding lodges additive longlegs offered
federative gosling folded favored lifelong digested

federative doggoned fills favored fleeting dislodge
federative song goldfield evaded longlegs fortified
varied fieldstone flogged evaded footling selfridge
evade fostering goldfield forgave goldstine defiled
gravities onefold fledged forgave goldstein fielded
aggrieves defend floodlit forgave goldstein defiled
varieties fondled flogged forgave fieldstone glided
ovates fingered goldfield forgave fieldstone gilded
argive softened goldfield forgave destine goldfield
aggrieve defends floodlit fovea deserting goldfield

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virago fieldstone fledged diverges finagled footled
forgave goldstine fielded diverges deflating fooled
diverges defoliant fodgel digestive fangled flooder
diverges deflation fodgel digestive foreland fodgel
diverges deleting offload digestive flagon refolded
diverges flooding deflate digestive grendel offload
diverges tenfold foliaged digestive fanged folderol
diverges fooling deflated revisited onefold flagged
diverges deigned footfall revised defoliant flogged

diverges deeding footfall revised deflation flogged
digestive oldfangled fore diverse defoliant flogged
digestive fangled floored diverse deflation flogged
deviser defoliant flogged divested roofline flagged
deviser deflation flogged divested golfing freeload
detersive niggled offload devisee grafton goldfield
detersive gelding offload devisee dredging footfall
detersive lodging leadoff devised defoliant flogger
detersive golding leadoff devised deflation flogger
detersive godling leadoff devised reflation flogged

derives defoliant flogged devised florigen gatefold
derives deflation flogged devised flinger floodgate
divested lifelong foraged devised renigged footfall
devised gingered footfall droves defoliating fledge
devise frontage goldfield droves fledging defoliate
voids deferential flogged versed defoliating fodgel
voids greenfield gatefold versed fielding floodgate
stevedore gliding leadoff versed defiling floodgate
stevedore gilding leadoff versed golfing defoliated
stevedore niggle daffodil verdes defoliating fodgel

stevedore fagin goldfield verdes fielding floodgate
stevedore doffing gallied verdes defiling floodgate
overdose falling fidgeted verdes golfing defoliated
served defoliating fodgel doves differential logged
served fielding floodgate doves differential dogleg
served defiling floodgate devotes fangled glorified
served golfing defoliated devotes flagon ridgefield
deserved defoliating golf devotes ridgeling leadoff
deserved defoliating flog devotes lodging fieldfare
deserved foliating fodgel devotes golding fieldfare

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deserved foiling gatefold devotes fearing goldfield
deserved filing floodgate devotes doffing galleried
devotees fledging florida devotees folding garfield
devotees ridgling leadoff devotees niggler daffodil
devotees girdling leadoff devotees affording gilled
devotees folding garfield devotees faring goldfield
devotees niggler daffodil grieved oldfangled softie
devotees affording gilled grieved goldstine leadoff
devotees faring goldfield grieved goldstein leadoff

devotees fledging florida grieved glistened offload
devotees ridgling leadoff grieved flooding deflates
devotees girdling leadoff grieved designed footfall
grieved deigned footfalls diverged seeding footfall
grieved deeding footfalls diverge oldfangled softie
diverged lineolated goffs diverge goldstine leadoff
diverged finagles footled diverge goldstein leadoff
diverged flagstone foiled diverge glistened offload
diverged tenfold foliages diverge flooding deflates
diverged steeling offload diverge designed footfall

diverged gentiles offload diverge deigned footfalls
diverged teflons foliaged diverge deeding footfalls
diverged fooling deflates voider fieldstone flagged
devoir fieldstone flagged divided flagstone foreleg
verified gladstone fodgel ovoid fledglings federate
verified flagstone lodged ovoid fledglings federate
fervid delegations fodgel ovoid fledgling federates
fervid genealogist folded grooved deflating defiles
fervid seedling floodgate grooved fielding deflates
fervid flooding delegates grooved defiling deflates

derived fellations fogged grooved gentled falsified
voided fieldstone flagger grooved fillings defeated
devoid fieldstone flagger grooved stiffened gallied
grooved diffident alleges overfed ganglioside delft
overfeed fatling dislodge overfed ligations fledged
overfeed sliding gatefold overfed isolating fledged
overfeed sidling gatefold overfed fledglings iodate
overfeed fiddling goletas overfed fledglings iodate
overfeed foiling gladdest overfed sniggled foliated
overfeed sating goldfield overfed sledging foliated

overfeed giants goldfield overfed sideling gatefold
overfeed giants goldfield overfed geldings foliated
overfeed stodging flailed overfed fledgling toadies
overfed fledging sodalite vored fledging defoliates
overfed fledging isolated roved latensified flogged
overfed fledging diastole roved fledging defoliates
overfed golfing deadliest overdo fledgling safetied
overfed teasing goldfield drove latensified flogged
overfed tagines goldfield drove fledging defoliates
overfed seating goldfield dover latensified flogged

overfed eatings goldfield dover fledging defoliates
overfed easting goldfield fevered defoliating golds
vored latensified flogged fevered floating dislodge
fevered lodgings foliated dove differentials logged
fevered sliding floodgate dove differentials dogleg
fevered sidling floodgate dove flagstone ridgefield
fevered toddling foliages devotee signalled gifford
fevered agonist goldfield devotee raffling dislodge
voted farseeing goldfield devotee fledging floridas
vetoed lodgings fieldfare devotee niggler daffodils

vetoed fledgling foresaid devotee niggler daffodils
dove differentials logged devoted redialling geoffs
dove differentials dogleg devoted fangled glorifies
devoted loafing selfridge forgives elongated fiddle
devoted fledging foresail forgives elongate fiddled
devoted gosling fieldfare grieves deflating flooded
devoted doffing galleries grieves flooding deflated
devoted doffing allergies gives defloration fledged
devoted offerings gallied egestive oldfangled fiord
devote lodgings fieldfare egestive raffling doodled

devote fledgling foresaid egestive doodling raffled
forgives delation fledged erosive oldfangled gifted
forgives datelined fodgel erosive oldfangled fidget
fives doddering flageolet verso defoliating fledged
festive groaned goldfield verso fledging defoliated
vigorist offended alleged verso defeating goldfield
grooves deflating fielded servo defoliating fledged
grooves deflating defiled servo fledging defoliated
grooves fielding deflated servo defeating goldfield
grooves defiling deflated roves defoliating fledged

grooves diffident alleged roves fledging defoliated
verges defoliating folded roves defeating goldfield
verges folding defoliated oversee fiddling gatefold
overs defoliating fledged forgive gladstone defiled
overs fledging defoliated forgive elongated fiddles
overs defeating goldfield forgive elongates fiddled
fevers defoliating lodged forgive sidelong deflated
fevers lodging defoliated forgive standee goldfield
fevers golding defoliated forgetive signaled folded
fevers godling defoliated forgetive leadings folded

severe fiddling floodgate forgetive dealings folded
reeves fiddling floodgate forgetive landside fodgel
forgive gladstone fielded forgetive gladdens foiled
forgetive oldfangled side forgetive sedan goldfield
forgetive oldfangled ides forgetive deans goldfield
forgetive oldfangled dies forgetive deans goldfield
forgetive gladdened foils forgetive danes goldfield

forgetive gleason fiddled forgetive danes goldfield
forgetive loafing sledded forgetive andes goldfield
forgetive sledding loafed forgetive adens goldfield
forgetive gliddens loafed forgetive godsend flailed
forgetive fondled gileads vertigo oldfangled defies
forgetive snead goldfield vertigo deafens goldfield
grieve oldfangled foisted ogive oldfangled resifted
give deflorations fledged virgo offended legislated

vigor offended legislated grove offended sigillated
vegete soldering daffodil fever lodgings defoliated
fever disengaged floodlit vote oldfangled siegfried


veto oldfangled siegfried
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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by alex.the.forge » Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:50 am

Pitch Black wrote: evildoers doffing gelated deliveries fondled faggot
seems appropriate
Pitch Black wrote:give deflorations fledged virgo offended legislated
= Paddy the virgo!

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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by Sibanger » Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:00 am

^^ :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tone is also on top of the Nebworld forum.
(excluding Neb, but WhoTheFuck is he?)

I wonder how many other forums he is 'king' of ? :roll:

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Re: It's official...Tone Deft is the new forum king!

Post by hoffman2k » Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:04 am

Nothing is official until we see Tone in a Tiara.


Visual Approximation:


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