Live 8 keeps crashing..normal on mac books?

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How often is Live 8 crashing during heavy usage prod/stage timess

can happen but rarely... less than an mpc
once a month
once a week
on a daily base
every few hours
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Re: Live 8 keeps crashing..normal on mac books?

Post by rarelyseen » Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:23 pm

3phase wrote:sure they are..but not more that i am about the "dom"...

and the all forgiving userbase is realy a problem with a company that tends toward arrogance allready...
ok..a toy is a toy.. we shouldnt take it too serious when a toy is crashing and its my mistake to do updates within month and not a year later...

but again... why ableton hasnt had a glue about the issue before the product has hit the market? that is really strange..
the all forgiving fan base..its just a crash.. it dont hurts at home
Forgiving? Maybe yes. I'm as forgiving as I am thankful to have this great piece of software. This might be different if I'd hate Live anyways, but I don't. Again, I don't think that they have implemented these bugs on purpose. Apparently it has sneaked through the beta phase and is now bugging you and some other OSX users. I guess that Ableton is not very happy either to find out about this guy so late. The good thing is that Ableton is usually pretty quick with providing bugfix updates, in contrary to some other big DAW manufacturers. I don't smell much arrogance here.

p.s. "glue" is the adhesive stuff that some people inhale. I'm not sure if Ableton was high on glue when they released 8, but the word you wanted to use is "clue". :wink:

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Re: Live 8 keeps crashing..normal on mac books?

Post by adventurepants_ » Fri Oct 09, 2009 4:29 am

3phase, there is nothing rock and roll about being an arrogant entitled ass to people trying to assist you.

You dont seem to understand that Abe support simply know a lot more about their software than you do. Questions that seem irrelevant to you, may be very relevant to someone who has more information than you.

Nis, i applaud your restraint and professionalism.
nathannn wrote:i will block everyone on this forum if i have to.

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Re: Live 8 keeps crashing..normal on mac books?

Post by The Carpet Cleaner » Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:26 am

One friend of mine came to my place yesterday : he just had bought Live 8 :)
Guess what, I teach him some basic things, like CMD-R to rename and suddently ... Yea... Crash.
So Live 8 crashed because we were renaming clips ? I don't know, and I would prefer to not care.
But that was less than 24 hours after he bought it. I had to say :" yea that happen sometimes, you will see..."
In the same time, we have both Reason 4, and it has NEVER crashed.

Ho, I think I need to remind you something else : he is using a very specific computer, something that nobody heard about, with very rare hardware components, I think they call it a 'macbook pro' with Leopard OSX on it... :roll:

Anyway we're screwed up because in the same time I cannot see myself working right now using Reason or logic only, and I guess it's the same for lots of people here.

Ok maybe it's time to ask, I saw people talking about sending report when live crashes. How does it work?


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Re: Live 8 keeps crashing..normal on mac books?

Post by Hermanus » Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:36 pm

you send a mail and explain your problem(s)to the tech support

ok I'm not (yet) a mac user :lol:

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Re: Live 8 keeps crashing..normal on mac books?

Post by bwack » Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:14 am


i've had nightly crashes while out on tour, pretty sure it's this problem due to the "memcpy" in the report. brought my rig home installed 8.0.8 ran it and all fine. no crashes, running most of the evening. just to be sure i ran 8.0.5 again to see if it would crash (to rule out possibility of home having differences from stage) and no crashes on 8.0.5 yet its been running fine for two hours....

so either there is something happening on stage different from home (and maybe this thread was never my problem)...


i'm not sure how the fix was implemented in 8.0.8 but if i installed and ran 8.0.8 on my system is it possible that it made a change to my system that fixed the problem? or are all the changes in the 8.0.8 package and not in a system or engine file?

does this make sense?

just for reference here is my crash report: ... 3#p1008403

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