Notation in Live 9?

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Re: Notation in Live 9?

Post by twistedblues » Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:44 pm


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Re: Notation in Live 9?

Post by BoddAH » Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:07 pm

Why in the seven hells would anybody want notation in Live?

I’m not saying Live is only for electronic music. It’s great for recording and mixing any kind of material but come on…
That’s like asking for CV and MIDI I/O or an integrated Kaoss Pad on a Steinway Grand. It probably can be done and some people might even actually use it but just… why?

Get the right tool for the job. Use Sibelius or Logic or whatever. Implementing f***ing music notation into a performance based DAW meant for live use doesn’t make any sense and worse, would bloat and complicate a piece of software that is all about minimalism and straightforwardness. :?:

And btw I know music theory and use/enjoy music notation. It’s not just because I’m an ass who doesn’t want what he doesn’t need himself. :)

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Re: Notation in Live 9?

Post by mrdelurk » Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:38 am

I got a MIDI sequence with some complex jazz chords I'd like to figure out. So I exported it to Band-In-A-Box which I know has notation. In its score display it looks like a train wreck.
The same MIDI sequence in Ableton's clip display is almost more decipherable. Hmmm.
Next, I fired up my old (genuine) Mac, launched Logic Pro which I haven't done in years and imported the MIDI sequence. Yay, the notation looked far more useable, almost score quality. Then, 5 second later, before I could take a screen shot, the Mac crashed.

Ahh, technology. If anyone meeds me I'll be staring at red bricks for a few hours, I guess.

[Update] I wasn't too successful deciphering the red bricks. Once they are zoomed big enough to read note names, half of the chord is off the screen. So you select the bottom half of the chord notes in Clip View, find and hold those notes with one hand on the keyboard, scroll to the top with the other hand, play the top notes on the grid with your left leg, then hold those notes with your right leg on the keyboard. Instant Jerry Lee Lewis! Then you scroll to right with your nose.)

Lacking the sufficient number of extremities (4 hands and 4 legs) to make this approach truly hands-on, I took my MIDI file to my Final Cut editor friend, who, without being a musician by any means, had Garageband on his HackMac, like most OSX users. I dragged the MIDI file to an empty Garageband project and bingo! The exact same quality notation as in my pricey yet hostile Logic. I pressed Print and in 5 seconds I had 5 laser printed pages what the jazz chords are. Score! (In more than one way.)

[Post-post edit] I just noticed today, if I put a Kontakt plugin on the MIDI track I need to decipher, the Kontakt keyboard shows which keys are pressed at playback. Yay, learning a tune from watching the player piano keys move, instant 1920's. But anyhow, this works too to learn a MIDI file as an alternative to notation.

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