Guitar tones and Eq help

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Re: Guitar tones and Eq help

Post by zazamoth » Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:10 pm

Sage wrote:
zazamoth wrote:
Sage wrote:Try tracking it a couple of times and then dedicate one to treble & bass and another for mids.
Sir, my hat is off to you..I dont know why I didn't think of that.. I used to do that! thank you mate, I have double tracked it at the moment but didn't think to 3rd it. shows what a lack of sleep can do.

So thank you mate.

Does anyone know of a good online resource about Eq? I tried the whole google thing but it came back with some amount of..well lets just say it wasn't very good!
Don't know anywhere online that actually gives useful advice about about EQing, usually get a few people on forums who know what they are doing.
Unfortunately I don't use software much for guitars, so can't you much there, I'm more used to getting it right at source and picking the appropriate sounds that way.
Ah cheers anyway man..I'm sure i'll find something! and that's what's weird, the Di's sound fine..I'm starting to think it's the Digi effects but who knows. I have the dreadfull feeling i'm going to have to record them again.
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Re: Guitar tones and Eq help

Post by zazamoth » Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:21 pm

leedsquietman wrote:I have GR2 and I think it's gash for distortion with chords, although distortion lead solos are not as bad. Even if you record the sound in 32 bit float at 96 Khz, (which will probably melt your CPU with GR inside Live), with GR2/3/4 in high res mode, it just sounds mushy and horrible with distorted chords if DI'ed and EQ can only partly remedy it.

I don't rate GR4 much better tone wise either, it's a bit more flexible but the distortion tones are really not much better (the new White amp probably has the best overdrive tones in GR though to my ears).

Recording even a 10 watt practice amp with an SM57 sounds better than GR/Amplitube/name your poison. The only other way I've gotten GR2 to sound good was to reamp the DI'ed sound processed through guitar rig, back out to an amp and then using a 421 or SM57 recording the live signal. Or record a clean dry signal micing up your amp then running it through GR, although the sound you hear in your cans or amp, never goes down as clear when you export or mix down the file or the stereo master.

I like GR2 for noodling away, when people are sleeping, through cans, but it's not easy to get distortion sounding good recording wise. The clean sounds are much better.
Hi mate, thanks for answering! Yeah, I'm starting to take a real dislike to "in-DAW" effects for the guitar. It never seems to sound the same when it's rendered. I have taken to always, ALWAYS keeping the clean Di track. would that I could use any kind of amp where I am just now, it's complex lol. That shouldn't be a problem anymore after new year, but for the time being I'm stuck recording that way. I am thinking about just using the local studio when I need to record guitars from now on.

I might have to buy one of those Re-amp's soon.
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Re: Guitar tones and Eq help

Post by Sage » Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:48 pm

H20nly wrote:^ :( bummer

What about effects on the mixer? run it out as a clean signal and then back through using onboard effects?


run it through an amp head and into the PC?? - skip GR all together.

All the guitar parts we use on our tracks are done with an acoustic. If you heard the tracks you would both believe it and not believe it at the same time... rock/hip-hop electro blues funk or some such. The guitar player won't even buy new strings unless I ride his ass long enough and offer to chip in. Somehow its become part of our sound... +1 for working with whats available eh?
Running an amp head without a speaker load will blow up the amp and guitarists are often going for the valve overdrive thing, which is difficult to replicate without valve preamps and stuff. Digital emulations seem to whack the bass right up to sound 'warm', so it's either muddy, or thin and nasty.

I haven't bought strings for my guitars in over a year! :lol:

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