Gross Beat vs. Lucifer VST

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Re: Gross Beat vs. Lucifer VST

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Funny, I spent the day working on the Lucifer update to finalize v2.2 (in addition to the 2.2 additions, I've added gfx acceleration, move towards 64-bit support, a bunch of CPU optimization, bugfixes and improvements today) and stumbled on this thread just browsing the forums here :D

I need to get the website going for it again and I'll be selling it formally soon. FWIW if anyone is interested here are the demos. You can email me (same as my account name) if you are interested in purchasing or have any questions.

Heres the older (2.1) demos if anyone is interested (the v2.2 demos will be a little less nag-annoying, I promise) ... erDemo.dll ... ... manual.pdf
Chop your own beats and stop relying on some logical random bollox algorhythms to do it for you.
hmm, well, different tools lead to different results -> the more variety in creative approaches = more variety in creative output = good. I've been floored by the music I've heard from Lucifer users, an absolutely incredible variety of stuff (some use it just for live performance, some use it on vocals for granular-type stuff, etc).


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