Samplitude user disses Live as 'shit for mixing in' at GS

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Re: Samplitude user disses Live as 'shit for mixing in' at GS

Post by shatzer » Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:20 am

Tone Deft wrote:
shatzer wrote:
speak for yerself sonny, what are doing here anyway didn't you pro-your-tools? :mrgreen:
or did you come to your senses?
lol. Have you been to the pro tools forums????? Bunch of noobs. Atleast the Ableton forum is interesting even tho I don't use it anymore, i still love the product. It's what popped my cherry into engineering. I mean, I've used many many many software editors before but it was the 1st I actually held onto and enjoyed making music in. I guess Ableton has some "sentimental value" to me. lol

Besides, where else can u find a bunch of people with difference in opinions and argue a bunch of arguements that noone will win and then jump on each others cases and call each other names and get banned by the Gears of War dude (DOM) for making smart remarks and mentally unstable people posting about how Live sucks and its destroyed their lives and pictures of cake?
it's like reading Mr Bean goes online. he's completely clueless. amazing. deer in the headlights. 8O

/gasps in wonder, gently pokes Shatzer with a stick...
I know, I know.

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Re: Samplitude user disses Live as 'shit for mixing in' at GS

Post by Jstz » Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:26 pm


Are you serious?? lol!!?? Sound quality doesnt matter??!!

This is one of the biggest problem these days, ......This is why beatport is flooded with CRAP. These young people have this attitude that audio engineering is some fabricated myth. Sorry, it doesnt work like that.

And what A&R guys are you talking about... do you have this situation on video "hey this sounds like crap" "who cares the groove is awsome" ......i dont think so lol.

Thinking like that, you will never get past were you are now. have to realize that there is something AMAZINGLY HUGE to learn.... start studying, and just maybe youll get somewere. Or pay someone else to do it. but this attitude that "IT" doesnt even need to be done is just Moronic and ignorant. And very annoying to people that Do know there shit and have spent night and day getting there.

Stop spreading your garbage, idiot.

QUALITY not crap. It ALL matters and its ALL important and vital. Telling yourself other wise is a bunch of B.S. to make yourself feel better about not knowing much about the engineering side of this.

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