Arrangement View Misunderstanding

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Arrangement View Misunderstanding

Post by Growtg » Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:26 pm

Again i'm in need of help.

So it all begins in the "Arrangement View" when i add a midi clip and add a synth.
Then i go to the "Session View" and double click the pattern there and start drawing notes for the synth.
When it's all done , i record it to the "Arrangement View".
And here comes the problem.

So i want to modify the file but to keep the original.
What i do is , i duplicate it and the new file appears.
Later i move it further after the first synth track that was made.
And when i try to modify the new synth track it doesn't give me the chance to do it.
It's still working for the first synth track.
All the controls are working for the first one.
It's like when i press any key in the new synth track it still works for the first synth track.
Not for the one i need.
And the problem , is how to switch???
I never had this problem before.
Maybe i didn't go so far or i didn't need this.
But i do now.

So please help me out.

P.S. : I know this is stupid , but i can't figure it out! :(

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Re: Arrangement View Misunderstanding

Post by UKRuss » Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:29 pm

First off, I think you are confusing yourself by setting up in Arrange view and then switching to session to draw your midi notes. Why not just do it in one or the other?

1) Set up a midi track in Arrange
2) drag an instrument to the track
3) arm the track
4) Record your playing and knob twiddling.
5) Duplicate the track
6) Disarm the original track
7) Arm the duplicate track
8) Hit global record again and overdub the info you want into the duplicated track.

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