Yamaha HS80m vs. Krk Equivalent Monitors ?

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Re: Yamaha HS80m vs. Krk Equivalent Monitors ?

Post by Earwax69 » Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:43 pm

I got the Yam HS50m. I also use the -2db high switch as everybody should. I normally make my tracks using headphones and EQ the mix at the end on the hs50m. One amazing thing is the stereo image of the yammies... its really really deep. They are not really pleasant but you ear everything in your mix and it make surgical operations on your mix possible.

I love to listen albums on it because I ear new stuff I never heard before on my ipod or other stereo system.

Its a very clean choice. Probably the best option in that price range anyway. check the review here;

http://www.moozek.com/2008/01/09/super- ... ew-ns-10m/

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Re: Yamaha HS80m vs. Krk Equivalent Monitors ?

Post by TechnoPrisoner » Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:44 pm

I own "Alesis MKII active" for more than 10 years and got the HS 80M 4 weeks ago.I did many many mixes on the Alesis which translate very well to other sound systems studio monitors/radios/clubs.But its only now that i noticed some important things in mixing while using the HS80M.

what this review says (thanks Earwax69)
http://www.moozek.com/2008/01/09/super- ... ew-ns-10m/

is 1000% true.the speaker is not impressive,not at all(had to work on it for at least 1 week to understand whats going while switching from a very "impressive" speaker like the Alesis MKII),but it says the truth about your mix.So if it sounds good on these HS80M monitors then yes it will sound good anywhere else.

Don't expect your bass to be big and heavy,if its there and you can listen to it and feel ok with it then its right there where it should be and same applies for anything else in your mix.

its always a good idea to have a pair of studio/monitoring headphones as alternatives to your main speakers.

....and the best thing about them is their price.thank you Yamaha for giving me the option to get a nice pair of studio monitors and spend less than 500euros.

i have worked with Focals solo 6BE,Genelec 8250,Dynaudio BM6A BM15A and they all sound so gooooooooood but their price.....pheeeeeew :)

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Re: Yamaha HS80m vs. Krk Equivalent Monitors ?

Post by Eunjihan » Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:23 am

I have the Yamaha hs80s and they are amazing. The KRK Rokit rp6g2's are great little monitors too, but lack the
richness and depth of the Yamahas. Also, the soundstage and detail on the Yamahas are more impressive than the
Rokit 6's. However, it's a very subjective matter and it's up to your to listen to them with your own ears.
Some people absolutley swear by those Rokits.
However, I did listen to the Adam A8X's and they sounded sweet, but the Yamahas were just as sweet if not
sweeter and those Adams are over the €1,200 mark. It's true the Yamaha's are a bit forward and a bit
too bright (especially after 20 minutes of listening), but the common consensus is to bring the high freq. switch
down by -2 and bring the mid frequencyswitch up by +2 and adjust the room control -4 if your speakers are right up
against your wall. When you have made those adjustments you will appreciate the Yamahas for the classic studio
monitors they are quickly becoming.
That's my tuppence worth.

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Re: Yamaha HS80m vs. Krk Equivalent Monitors ?

Post by perplex » Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:19 am

+1 yamaha80's and hs10.

but don't forget room treatment. the best monitors in the world can sound like shit in a room with bad acoustics

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Re: Yamaha HS80m vs. Krk Equivalent Monitors ?

Post by simpli.cissimus » Sat Jun 18, 2011 2:52 am

Yamaha HS80... :wink:

...not much to write when everything has been written already.
No! I'll never use the Push-App Live 9 !!!

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Re: Yamaha HS80m vs. Krk Equivalent Monitors ?

Post by salatspinatra » Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:02 pm

Sub Funk says some really important stuff.
First, don't underestimate what good feedback does to reinforce your own creative inspiration. It's true for consuming music, for performing music, so why wouldn't it be true for producing music?

With that in mind the Yamahas alone, and yes I'd love to get my hands on the sub-woofer, may sound more stark or too eager for some.

Here's why you want the sub: unless you're eqing with a cut off frequency on your submaster or your sends, the frequency range of many effects and synths (think grain delay or your auto filter) are misleadingly broad. Those sub ranges take up a lot of energy and use up a hell of a lot of your headroom. And you won't even be aware of if you don't have the sub. So I don't think the sub is there to flatter you, but rather to make sure you don't have any slop swirling around down there. Remember, volume averaging is more analogous to how the hear: we hear in "volume", literally. The peaks, particularly in a spike, are more like a force, hitting your very quickly-even if its a lot of Gs distributed over a fraction of a second, it won't do too much to you. Even with a mastering house, if they pull that stuff out, so much of your energies will be wasted, you'll give them and yourself little room to bring out the tune, and you'll end up with a lack luster sound.

Keep in mind, the function of the NS-10s was to expose hiss, crackle, and clicks, most of which was the domain of an analog/tape workflow. You simply don't need to emphasize this brightness to get your job done. It's analogous to flooding your room with overhead lighting. Now with all I've said in mind, I do think your efforts will be rewarded on a hi-fi set if you put in good effort on the yamahas.

Honestly, I'm as insecure as a teenager with braces when it comes to putting my ears to the test and hearing the difference for myself: I always think those challenges (like mp3 vs aiff, this tube or that one, and on and on) are going to be wasted on me like a $100 dollar vs a $10 wine. And that's coming from someone who actually has beat out all other participants, including computers, with those quality assurance diagnostics that you see at the AES for accurately identifying sounds and frequencies. I hate thinking about my ears somehow loosing their edge, but they probably are.

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