Pre-lineup for Apple iTablet haters

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Re: Pre-lineup for Apple iTablet haters

Post by Machinesworking » Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:43 pm

Tone Deft wrote: machinesworking is known to rant about stuff he doesn't know about. he's making statement of fact, there's no way I'm taking his word on how Apple runs their business. what do either of you know about Apple's internal workings?
I've gotten tired of arguing with people on the internet if it doesn't matter, or if it immediately gets personal. You always make things personal as the above statement shows, and carry shit over from previous conversations, so I haven't replied much to your jabs lately, and won't again after this, but I did break from that a few times lately, and you've decided to boar in.... again... so I think you deserve at least a reply this time.

You know from the freaking years we've been on the same forum that an ex band mate of mine was QC/hardware testing department at Apple HQ for 15+ years. I've repeatedly attacked Apple's price fixing and quality around him to get any and all info out of him that I could, and have a friendly debate about it. The parts are the same as PCs, it's the time they take to make sure it all works that makes it usually hold out longer. Dell etc. do OK, but Apple has always had great integration hardware/OS wise, it's not an issue of debate really is it? They upgrade 15 or so computer configurations in 5 or so line ups every year, it's just a matter of tight control more than some wild reality distortion field voodoo.

The Logic board is designed specifically for Apple, bios is different etc. Hakintoshes have workarounds/hacks, but the point was/is that the rest of the computer is all interchangeable with any PC.

RME are easy enough to google, hell it's possible Windows 7 fixed the XP/Vista USB issues since last I looked? Hopefully they did.

The shear number of VST developers that started coding on Windows first, then eventually got around to Macs is not debatable, it's simply a fact. Simple straightforward conversations with smaller developers reveal that a large number of developers code GUI for PC / Nuendo/Cubase first because Nuendo is the 'stable' version of Cubase, Steinberg invented VST etc. Then the code is ported to OSX Audio Units etc. Only one coder I know of might possibly still troubleshoot the AU version first, and that's Urs Heckman.
Yes, I realize that it's just the GUI that's essentially different in the code PC VST to Mac AU, but that is where 90% of the issues I've had with VST/AUs have been. Same with nearly every story online about crashing VST/AUs on every forum I've ever visited. The crashing closed GUI window plug in issues are usually solve in beta, so bugs are generally GUI oriented from what I've seen.

The fact is that the OS is different, the end result is the same, it depends on where you want to be solving minor issues really IMO on which you buy. The arguments are generally stupid simply because people want to fight and not debate or chat about it, it gets old. I chimed in because it's disingenuous to pretend that Apple is only a hardware company, just as bad as it is to say that Macs are obviously better, there are numerous ways PCs are better, it's not cut and dried.

If I owned a Pro Tools Studio I would get a Mac Pro for the warranty and easy integration with other Pro Tools studios, otherwise PC built from the ground up would be the way to go IMO.
I still think laptop wise, Macs are better, only exception is the Panasonic Toughbook.
I don't care for Windows DAWs beyond Live, and I write a little in other DAWs as well, so that's the main reason I use Macs over PCs, not Apple fanboy branding madness, that shit's embarrassing.


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Re: Pre-lineup for Apple iTablet haters

Post by Tone Deft » Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:56 pm

very cool about your bandmate, I was hoping you'd have ammo like that. I still have no clue about that RME software.

there are more VSTs for windows meaning they're devloped for Windows first, I can buy that.

you're not a technician, so when you come up with statements like you did I had to ask and you brought the answers, cool. you have been known to rant about stuff you don't know about, at least you're honest about it.

was it really a bad personal attack? you're getting soft. :lol: poor baby. :lol: lovely how much time to spent getting personal, hypocrite.

neither is better, users are more of an issue.
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