Using Ableton and Modul8 on same laptop for live performance

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Using Ableton and Modul8 on same laptop for live performance

Post by towers of silence » Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:58 pm

I just dipped my foot into the world of VJ software and so far I'm enjoying it. I'm now at the point where I want to start using Modul8 live, but I've got a few logistical questions-

I run Ableton as my main live performance software alongside live instrumentation. I'm pretty conservative with my live sets when I set them up for a show, I freeze lots of tracks and don't use too many hungry plug-ins, so CPU usage won't be an issue. I'm looking at getting a small projector and running using that to project Modul8 images while I twiddle with Ableton. I assume this can be done, but I'm unclear about how I can do it, I don't want the projector to be switching back and forth between my ableton view and modul8 when I make changes in either program, I need the projected image to be Modul8 only, also, I have an adapter for my MacBook that allows me to hook and composite video output to my mini-DVI output and I can plug that into my TV, but whenever I do so, it changes the screen resolution on my Mac, which is also something i don't want to happen when I play live, I need my screen resolution to stay the same. I assume this is something i would adjust with the projector, though.
On that topic, any thoughts on a good, cheap, and most importantly, compact projector to buy?
If anyone has some words of wisdom about this please share, I'm sure a lot of it is in the Modul8 manual but I figured some real world examples might make it more clear for me. For my live shows I'm using a MacBook core2duo, Live 8.1.1 and now, Modul8 2.6.


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