Has Anyone Here Released a Record/EP in Surround Sound?

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Has Anyone Here Released a Record/EP in Surround Sound?

Post by Beatport » Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:39 pm

Has Anyone Here Released a Record/EP/Album etc in Surround Sound?

I'm interested in exploring the medium but not sure it's worth the time and effort as it seems most people aren't equipped for playback. What/how/where could I distribute an EP in surround and does anybody have any positive experiences in producing in 5.1 that they could share?

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Re: Has Anyone Here Released a Record/EP in Surround Sound?

Post by Silverfish » Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:19 pm

I've contemplated doing something similar with surround sound, and there are definitely some issues if don't have megabucks for "proper" 5.1 equipment.

If you've got a DAW with native 5.1 surround pan and effects, that helps. It's possible to set it up in Ableton Live, using sends, but nothing like a true 5.1 output module. Also, the Reaktor user library has one or two surround sound goodies, like a sequenced panner, etc.

As far as playback is concerned, I would say anyone with a DVD player and a small home surround system would be able to take advantage. While the number of people with home surround sound systems is smaller than those with regular stereos, it's better than needing all kinds of special equipment (like a Super Audio CD).

Good recent examples are BT's "This Binary Universe" and Speedy J's "Umfeld" (which is free for download, actually).

The trickiest part is getting your completed tracks into DVD format. Your best bet is probably a DVD editor that will encode the sound into AC3 for you.

Hope this helps.

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