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GRM tools sale - save $200 - Virsyn Cube+TERA deal

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:36 pm
by dum
I used the grm tools years ago on a housemates machine and loved them, but I never bought them for myself when we parted - they were too expensive for what they were IMO and you need an iLok. Well there's a sale on that's been extended until sunday so you can pick them up for $199. you need to subscribe to some internet electronic musician directory for $25 though, so it's a saving of $175. you need the iLok - which is ghey, but whatever I'm biting the bullet. This is a great deal so HEADS UP!
(ends 14th feb)

virsyn reduced their prices permanently on the cube and TERA to 170 euro, which is sweet - but if you buy both before the end of the month it's 230 euro. considerable savings to be had if you're loving these synths. virsyn use syncrosoft dongles for pretty much everything, but not these synths
(ends 28th feb)