tracktor or serato which to buy??

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Re: tracktor or serato which to buy??

Post by SubFunk » Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:15 am

I like sam's (hidden d-way) list, but like to add that traktor is freely assignable to any midi controller, one major point i like, that i don't have to use a dj designed controller, but still can assign ANY funktion, even to a keyboard if i like, plus i can do that just like in ableton via the computer keys, i have for example an emergency mapping via comp keys, no matter what happens, if the controller dies or i loose the cable or whatever i can accsess all i need via the computer 100% mouse free alone. a very important point for me.

I use a generic controller, btw i hate dj designed controllers, if i would like that old syntax i could spin still outdated records. but i moved on after over 15years of turntables.
and i actually just had funny experience, i am on my way back from two gigs just now and at the one in bratislava a fewkids where asking me how i manage to make record style mixes ( you can hearthat, because of the manual pitching and pitchbend) without using control vinyls or a dj controller, he he 8) i love traktor!

but i also honestly hope that the collab will top that up, very, very fast so... and that they change rane or at least bring out an interface that sounds better then the audio dj 8 card. (that is a hard task, too for 400 euro)

sorry for the dodgy iphone typing.
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Re: tracktor or serato which to buy??

Post by dum » Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:46 am

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Re: tracktor or serato which to buy??

Post by judeson » Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:25 pm

Semuta wrote:I want to point out that with Traktor, using timecode is dependent on purchasing Traktor Scratch, and Traktor Scratch will only work with NI sound cards. For 4 turntable functionality with Traktor scratch, the Audio8 is required. Timecode will not work without NI's hardware plus the additional license of the "Scratch" version of Traktor.

If you're going to bring up this point, it's only fair to note that there are 5 companies that make mixers which will work with Traktor Scratch timecode (without the interface) with two more companies which claim to be added by years end.

Only 1 company makes timecode compatible mixers for Serato which don't require the SL1 or SL3 as an audio source.

Not stating my opinion , just a few facts. :D
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