APC+BCF users or Launchpad+BCF users

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chapelier fou
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Re: APC+BCF users or Launchpad+BCF users

Post by chapelier fou » Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:21 am

No probs. Still searching a solution.
The noise doesn't bother me really. But I am affraid this will use the motors...
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Re: APC+BCF users or Launchpad+BCF users

Post by nowtime » Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:20 pm

Yeah, it's sure to wear the motors with that constant engaging.

I have unplugged the MIDI-in to my BCF (I use BCR+BCF). After one day, so far so good. My buttons show me when I'm muted or unmuted. As long as I don't change the faders on the GUI, I'm cool. I hope I didn't get messed up by any muted automation, I'll keep an eye on that.

Just don't use any volume automation. Use a Utility for that, and it should be as good as gold. I'll report back after a few days. Still haven't had time to check into Mackie Mode.
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Re: APC+BCF users or Launchpad+BCF users

Post by Mikkael » Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:06 am

I know i'm surely in the wrong forum but I thought some mackie fellas might find the information useful. I have bought recently a launchpad and a novation remote control in order to be able to tweak my plug with the remote while leaving the mackie to tweak the volume of my tracks and launching my sample or trigger my drums with the launchpad but how big deception. With automap installed on my PPC mac, the remote control will make my fader move when I press a note on the keyboard. Rather annoying ! I turned crazy trying to figure out how this could happen until I decide to uninstall automap and since then it works (almost ) fine. If I play to much switching around between the volume , send and plug on the mackie or on the launchpad, the Mackie start to freak out and I need to switch off everything in order to be able to carry on with my track.I was excited about the idea to tweak some plug with the remote SL in automapmnode (as show on their video) but due to the midi issue I'm left with a 2 octave keyboard and no buttons tweaking. Rather disappointing.
Mackie Universal Control and Automap for the launchpad (or any automap hardware from novation actually) doesn't works really well together just for the info. I have to uninstall automap in order to use my mackie at the same time than my launchpad. I thought with all those new technology toys the work will be flawing but actually itlooks like we are back in the Midi Geek mode...
I don't understand how Mackie managed to get it right straight out off the box but the other company should investigate the way Mackie works with midi and learn from there.

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Re: APC+BCF users or Launchpad+BCF users

Post by djsynchro » Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:21 am

I have a BCF in Mackie mode (which is THE mode it's pretty perfect) and a Launchpad and a Nocturn and all is well.
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Re: APC+BCF users or Launchpad+BCF users

Post by jestermgee » Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:39 pm

I'm new to these forums, but not to this game.

I have a BCF and an Alphatrack on my desk (used mainly in Cubase for live recording/mixing) but imagin my delight when I found Ableton and these BOTH work flawlessly using Macki EMU mode.

I have just added a Launchpad to the mix and get no issues between anything.

The BCF can control PAN, Vol, Sends, Effects, with one hand

The AT displays timeline position, can control anything the BCF can and can also easily scroll through anything in clip or arrangement view. The only downside is it can only control the parameters on a single track at a time. But this allows me to set it to Master or Send and then use the BCF for all other volumes. All I need now is another hand to work all these controls easily 8)

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