System settings to reduce latency and CPU usage?

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System settings to reduce latency and CPU usage?

Post by alyerpal » Sat Oct 30, 2004 4:20 am

Are there some system settings, specifically on a Mac, that I'm missing that could reduce latency and CPU usage? I performed AdamJay's Live 4 Performance Test and my PowerBook was showing a CPU reading of about 98% and sometimes more. I looked for other PowerBooks that are the same as mine on the list and they show in the 74-80% region. I have Processor peformance (in the Energy Saver control panel) set to HIGHEST and the color depth is set to thousands. Is there anything else I can do to improve performance? I know that at this time it won't be as good as it would on a PC laptop but surely it should be as good as others are reporting who have the same PowerBook as I do. Thanks for any suggestions.

My results:
1) 98% or more
2) Apple PowerBook G4
3) OS X 10.3.5
4) G4 867 mhz
5) 640 MB RAM
6) Internal or M-Audio FireWire AudioPhile (results are the same)
7) 4200 rpm internal

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