Last night I realized I HATE djing.

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Re: Last night I realized I HATE djing.

Post by tw1nstates » Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:23 pm

he's got a point though. . .

I love introducing people to new music, all of my friends who are in music are the same. it's fun to turn ppl on to new stuff. I see djing as an extension of that.

Djing with ableton is boring as hell, but cdjs and some fx or vinyl or whatever keeps you occupied plus you get to share cool music with ppl.

if you are playing to 10 ppl on a wednesday night in a bar or whatever then I agree.. .

Perhaps it's your take on it. Standing there and playing tracks you have heard a thousand times would be boring, new stuff you have just discovered not so much, but ppl are different.

I would consider myself a music fan first and foremost so playing other ppls music never boring cos I love hearing it loud and in a club.

if i had to work on commercial radio or play some back to the old skool thing every week with the same records i have heard since the 90s then yeah, kill me now. . .
I slipped into a daze, whilst I was there I heard the most startling music, it was at once familiar and alien, reassuring and unsettling.

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Re: Last night I realized I HATE djing.

Post by ethios4 » Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:41 pm

Just because you don't love to DJ doesn't mean the music you are playing is boring. Not everyone gets their thrills in the same way, not everyone processes music the same way, not everyone likes to perform the same way. I have played a lot of excellent music as a DJ, and it works just fine for the crowd, but I like to either be more directly engaged with the music or in the audience not having a care in the world. So my problem is that I haven't fully developed my DJ'ing technique so that I am fully engaged the whole time, not that the music is boring.

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Re: Last night I realized I HATE djing.

Post by tonedead » Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:56 pm

cacti wrote:im a producer, not a dj. not my thing. I guess i was under the pretense that i need to play out for people to hear my tracks, but fuck that. I think i just like being in total control and dont like not knowing what will happen next. some people get off on that though. anybody else have this conflict
Back in 2000 I discovered computer music apps,the Bjork remix website (long deceased),and eventually decided to start making my own music.I was so weary of being a DJ at the time that I simply gave up on it before I even got to the 'making my own music' bit.Over here the scene is different (I imagine) and I went to work for a company that had me doing gigs playing old freestyle and crap pop tunes ala 'club remix'.The experience was not good,but it did pay money.
I had to get a regular full time job again,making music as a hobby.It's more satisfying overall tho.

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Re: Last night I realized I HATE djing.

Post by Scoox » Thu Sep 03, 2020 11:31 am

Holy mother of resurrections :D but I thought I would be forgiven for posting to this old thread as it is still relevant. As regards to DJing, I'm somewhere in the middle. Initially I thought DJing was for people who didn't have what it takes to be a producer but later I thought it could be a good outlet for my music, to get myself heard and reach more people, and now I quite enjoy it as long as I do it every once in a while. I've never felt comfortable on a dancefloor unless I'm half-drunk and now the only thing that will get me into a club is if I'm the one playing tunes. Having said that, I don't think I would enjoy 3 nights a week, though I would happily take one night a week. I suppose I'm somewhat introverted because I enjoy "alone time" most of the time with a bit of socialising on the side. Committing to a DJ set here and there is an effective way to force myself out of my comfort zone, which many say is a good thing to do.

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