au lost presets

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au lost presets

Post by swett » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:02 am

I'm new to Mac world, and there's a couple of things that are puzzling me.


When I install a au version of a plugin (eg. impOscar), i can't find the plugin banks and presets, and even if I do, I'm not sure how to load them...the little open folder icon is missing...


I have a lovely collection of home made fxp's that I've constructed over the years (on a pc) with basses, leads, and pads, for the various vsti's I use. Well, I made sure to install the vst version of those instruments on my new Mac, and now I find that those fxp's can't be loaded.. Am I right? Is it the sad truth, or am I missing something?

Cheers and thanks.

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Re: au lost presets

Post by vicz » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:36 pm

AU presets are not normally visible directly in Live, they are managed from within the AU. Live will normally remember the current preset in a saved Live set and it will still be there when you reopen the set. Alternatively, once you have selected or made a preset in your AU you can drag the AU title bar back into the browser on top of the AU and it will be saved as a separate file, similar to the way the built-in instruments are.

In theory fxp/fxb files are portable between Mac and PC versions of a VST, but it is up to the author of the VST to ensure that they are.

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