Ok seriously, APC40 or Launchpad?

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Re: Ok seriously, APC40 or Launchpad?

Post by buttonsgiffard » Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:02 am

So, this thread should be closed because this is a totally pointless question at this point.

1. Different roles (assuming you started thinking about roles before they went on sale, otherwise, woodshed).
2. Different functions, requirements, max/msp patches who cares it all can do whatever...depending on your Ableton ability.
3. Everyone should stop worrying about it, thinking about it, and start looking at the technologies at 3m and other more independent companies, downloading xcode or VS(have fun), max/msp and learn to program at all/more/better/more betterer.
4. You are capable, you are innovative, you are the tesla, you are the future. Act like it.

Everyone argues about gear, because everyone is different. The cool thing about what you can do in ableton, is, if I can mash it all, you are abled by a fuckton.

Akai and novation (or digidesign, etc) hope every one of us is their bitch. Be better, work harder, make stuff. And some music along the way.

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