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Current Version: Live 8.1.5

Post by Gerhard » Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:18 pm

Ableton's developers have been busy improving quality and we have released the latest result of this ongoing effort, Live 8.1.5:

Gerhard Behles, CEO
Bernd Roggendorf, CTO



- Unwarped clips could be placed incorrectly after opening a Live Set, if the Set was saved after changing the global tempo without first confirming the change with the Enter key or by clicking somewhere else in the interface.

- Fixed a visual bug that made MIDI clips entirely black while recording, but before the first note was input.

- Fixed a crash when observing 'has_stop_button' of a Group Track Slot via M4L GroupTrackSlot.

- Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a Group preset containing an AU plug-in that is missing.

- Fixed a crash that could occur with clips warped in Beats mode, Transients and back-and-forth envelope settings, when the loop extends outside the sample data.

- Fixed a bug where typing a tempo in the BPM field of a warped clip would give a slightly wrong number (i.e. you type "100" and "100.0001" gets entered," which led to some neutrality problems.

- 3rd party plug-in windows now always get the focus when clicked.

- Blocked certain keys when a 3rd party plug-in window has the focus, such as the "Delete" and "Backspace" keys, which fixes the bug that would delete a plug-in or a track when pressing Delete/Backspace while editing a 3rd party plug-in in its own GUI.

- Fixed a bug that would make a group slot lose its MIDI/Key mapping when moving the corresponding scene (

- Fixed a bug that prevented adding or removing the stop button of a group track slot while the group track is folded (

- Fixed a visual bug where a green overlay could be left orphaned in a 3rd party Ableton GUI

- The Min or Max parameters in the mapping Browser, for mapped 3rd party plug-in parameters, could lose the focus as soon as they were touched. This made it impossible to edit them via the computer keyboard arrow keys.

- The Ableton GUI of an AU plug-in would be empty after loading a native AU preset, for plug-ins having fewer than 32 parameters. In such a case, the GUI should be automatically populated.

- Fixed a bug that prevented removing a parameter from the Ableton GUI of a 3rd party plu-gin while Configure mode is ON, if it was Macro-mapped.

- Dragging a first warped clip in a non-empty Arrangement would sometimes set the tempo of the Live Set. The correct condition is that this should only happen if the Arrangement contains no clip at all.

- It was not possible to click inside a multi-selection while in Key or MIDI map mode in order to change the selection and select only one of its constituents. This is now fixed.

- Fixed another key handling problem for some plug-ins using a Cocoa view.

- Fixed a bug where MIDI notes could hang if an AU plug-in was deactivated and then reactivated.

- If the last note within the Loop brace, in a MIDI clip, overlapped the Loop end, selecting the loop brace and choosing "Duplicate" would duplicate the looped material's offset. Now duplication correctly duplicates the Loop length, at the correct position.

- When an External Instrument was routed to a multi-timbral MIDI instrument, and that instrument or the containing track was moved, the routing would be reset to the default output. Now routings are correctly remembered.

- Improved audio streaming performance for specific Live Sets with many audio files.

- Corrected a bug that would make computer keyboard selection behave incorrectly after selecting a clip via remote control.

- Fixed crash when mouse was pressed in the detail view before sample analysis finished.

- Fixed crash when dragging MIDI from XLN's Addictive Drums.

- Fixed a crash that occurred when zooming into a large waveform with an extreme zoom factor.

- Fixed a bug that made Collision silent after deleting it and undoing.

- Various other stability improvements

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