Exporting MIDI - channel 10

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Exporting MIDI - channel 10

Post by headquest » Sat Nov 20, 2004 1:01 am


This is probably a REALLY stupid question, but I'm a newbie so bear with me please! Also I have searched the manual and this forum and come up blank so far...

My task for the day was to sequence a simple drum part and export it as a MIDI clip... then copy the MIDI file over to a floppy disk and play it back through my keyboard...

...problem is the MIDI part comes out as a piano instead of a drum.

Now I'm obviously doing something daft here, so I checked the channel strip for the drum part in Live. I have tried assugning the MIDI out on the channel strip to MS Wavetable, to my soundcard, and to nothing at all, each time then exporting as MIDI and getting the same result.

Each time I have the clip going out to Channel 10, i.e. for drums in SMF format.

I know this is possible in Cubase SX and I'm sure it must be possible in Live, too.

Please help - where am I going wrong?

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