Thought's on Ableton's Sampler (vs kontakt and others)

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Re: Thought's on Ableton's Sampler (vs kontakt and others)

Post by darkenedsoul » Sat May 22, 2010 12:04 am

I also got Nick's Tutorials for Sampler and Operator and one other (only has 4 atm). I got NI Komplete 2 when it was on sale (had to buy Battery to get the deal - and it came with K2) then updated to K4 and K5 when they were priced cheaply awhile ago. I got it mainly for the library samples in it. I find their programs are a bit harder to get a grasp to do anything under the hood. I was wanting to get an instrument to play higher notes that the "blue" range since my clip in Live was in the next octave up. I couldn't find a quick way to shift the whole thing via its editor until I looked at the Transpose piece. That worked but I find under the hood to be a bit daunting if you're not into their software deeply.

As for Sampler, I still have to go over the tutorials and read up on it and mess around to see what I can do with it/come up with it. Going at it solo vs when my buddy and I are together working on something I tend to get frustrated and stop what I was trying to work out. But I'll see how I go with the tutorials, as he does a nice job on them and I think are worth the price he is charging (get more than one = discount and look for sales!). But sampler from what I've seen can do a helluva lot of stuff and then some.

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Re: Thought's on Ableton's Sampler (vs kontakt and others)

Post by DaWrecked1 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:48 am

I like both for various reasons. I use Sampler 99% of the time for sampling stuff and playing back audio when producing....but I use Kontakt if I'm wanting to play a sampled instrument.

Kontakt 5 is more powerful...just not as user friendly. The best sample instruments are made for Kontakt bc it's the most powerful sampler out there. It's setup like using an entire professional mixing board for sampling with sends, busses, and fx processing capable all in the plugin.

Don't get me wrong...Sampler is still very powerful.

Kontakt is going to offer more sound design options plus, at the most technical level, if you write code, it can be scripted to do all sorts of helpful to totally wacky things. Kontakt basically does more of everything but at the cost of ease of use and speed compared to "Sampler". For example Kontakt 5 has many sample playback modes:

Sampler- traditional sample playback
DFD (Direct From Disk)- hi performance solution for streaming huge samples from disk in real time.
Tone Machine- change pitch of formants independent from playback speed.
Time Machine 1 & Time Machine 2- compress and stretch samples in real time while leaving pitch unaffected.
Time Machine Pro- highest quality independent pitch shifting and time stretching at the expense of cpu/RAM.
Beat Machine- handles sliced samples and makes them fit your song tempo.
S1200 Machine- emulates the E-mu SP-1200 drum machine of the 80's
MP60- emulates the legendary MPC 60 drum machine's sample playback that was used on countless hit rap and R&B records.

. You can really get a huge amount of timbres out of this thing going as far as doing Granular Synthesis on your samples. It also has more complete and deep modulation possibilities as well (if you don't have Max for Live LFO's and envelopes).

That said....I still use "Sampler" or "Simpler" when I'm sampling something. Mainly speed is paramount when producing and I don't need that level of complexity to get what I need done.
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Re: Thought's on Ableton's Sampler (vs kontakt and others)

Post by jestermgee » Thu Jul 24, 2014 4:06 am

I like to put sampler in the back of the cupboard for 4 years and pull it out when i'm bored and need something to sample.


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Re: Thought's on Ableton's Sampler (vs kontakt and others)

Post by unix23 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:49 pm

Sampler is great. And if you already know how to get creative with racks and chains and macro knobs in Live, even more so.
If not, take some time to learn about them. They really help make Sampler shine. Example: Using Samplers inside a drumrack. An Instrument Rack that includes a couple instances of Sampler and a couple instances of Operator with some effects in each chain and sound and effect params brought forward to the Instrument Rack macros. Map more than one param or even more than one device to a macro knob and set min/max ranges for the param. You can make some very expressive stacked sound instruments this way.

I only wish some of the non-mappable params could be mapped and automated like sample start/end time etc.

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Re: Thought's on Ableton's Sampler (vs kontakt and others)

Post by jlgrimes » Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:18 am

estevan carlos benson wrote:Does anyone have an opinion on Live's Sampler? Is it worth it? I've started to wonder if its full integration into Live gives it the upper hand as opposed to a separate plugin. Your thoughts?
It's OK and could use some improvements.

For simple sampling, Simpler is great and one of my favorite Samplers. It reminds me of a cooler version of the NN19 in Reason.

To me it is a mid-level Sampler. It has some great modulation functions and does FM, and it is pretty easy to automate stuff, but other than that, it is no Kontakt by a long shot.

That said Kontakt has a high learning curve, where Sampler is much easier to figure out.

As for 3rd party compatibility, Sampler isn't that good IMO. It messes a lot of things up and makes plenty of unplayable Soundfonts, but to tell you the truth most Samplers are pretty horrid in 3rd party compatibility.

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