Nice Harware + Ableton

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Nice Harware + Ableton

Post by baubson » Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:44 pm

Hi all,
I used to be a drummer. Than I started djing and still am for 15 years now, using Serato and CDJ-1000.
Now I want to go the the next level ;)
I saw Paul Kalkbrenner last weekend in Montreal and his way of playing live is very interesting to me.

I have a macbook without any additional or external soundcard, and worked with Logic for a year, but I really want to switch to Ableton.
Now, my question is:
Because if a first try and don't have a lot of money for the moment, what should I look for in term of hardware !?
A 14 channels mixer connected to a soundcard and Ableton ?
A mixer with a soundcard integrated ?
Akai APC40 ? Look like toy to me but is it a good alternative !?

I am 1) a newbie to this forum 2) a newbie to production 3)a newbie for all the hardware stuff available.

If you have a few minutes, I would really appreciate some tips because even if I go to my local store, they don't seems to really understand my needs.

Many thx in advance to all,

Hidden Driveways
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Re: Nice Harware + Ableton

Post by Hidden Driveways » Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:03 pm

Before you try to figure out what gear you need, I would suggest that you first start doing the kind of work you want to do. When you encounter a limitation that can be remedied with a piece of equipment, then purchase the equipment.

If you're not sure what you would do with an APC40, don't get one. If you need a 14 channel mixer, get one. Don't think about equipment you need when you don't really need it. Concentrate 100% on the music. Devote your thoughts to the work you want to do.

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Re: Nice Harware + Ableton

Post by 4.33 » Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:04 pm

you want a portable soundcard with 4 outs, look up these companies:
- native instruments
- focusrite
- presonus
(you can run soundcard outs to either a DJ mixer or straight to FOH mixer, keeping your mixing in one box)

add controllers to taste:
- akai apc40
- ohm block and ohm 64
- novation launchpad
- vestax vcm600 (for more traditional DJ mixing)

ohms seem the best pad-based build, but apc40 is ok too - seen Apparat with it live.

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Re: Nice Harware + Ableton

Post by baubson » Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:44 pm

Thank you guys for the replies.

@ Hidden Driveways :
You see, I also worked a bit on LIVE and the thing that is most irritating me is that I don't feel physically the music am doing.
When I am djing, I enjoy playing with the decks and the mixer. It's a little buit physical.
But I feel stopped being in front of the computer working on a software. I am aware there is a minimun to do on Ableton BEFORE playing with the hardware.
Don't worry, I have loads of ideas to work on musically speaking, but let's say I would also love to add a DRUM PAD, let's say, to add the pledasure of DOING my music.

Your advice is awesome and I understand it :)
I want to produce electronic music, as I said I've been DJing for a while now.
But ARGH, only a computer, a chair and a mouse is not exciting me :(

Thx for understanding that.
When I saw Paul Kalklbrenner, it looked like I could have played and enjoy the same way he was doing music.
A large mixer, many channels for loads of sounds with large slide to drop Kicks, Hits Hats or bassline. This is more DJ oriented.

(Funny, first time I talk about how I feel about producing electronic music.)

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Re: Nice Harware + Ableton

Post by monobeach » Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:03 pm

for hardware controllers you could look at a midi keyboard with additional controls integrated like drum pads, rotary knobs and faders - e.g. Akai MPK series, Novation Nocturn etc.
or just some pads like Korg PadKontrol or nanopad, Akai LPD 8 (and a Akai LPK25 to begin with)

Pitch Black
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Re: Nice Harware + Ableton

Post by Pitch Black » Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:21 pm

Hi there. I'm in a band that has a "hardware" approach to playing live, in that we have it set up so we don't look at the screen or touch the computer. Everything is done from MIDI controllers. It might give you some ideas of some approaches you could take.

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Re: Nice Harware + Ableton

Post by Isturite- » Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:41 pm

Honestly... I was at the same point you were... but I have three things and don't need anything else really....

-Macbook Pro w/ Ableton Live 8 Suite & NI Komplete 6
-Akai MPK25 midi keyboard (wish I'd have got the 49 key but the small size is nice, has knobs, keys, and drum pad)
-Novation Launchpad (like the APC, but a smaller cheaper version)

Ableton I got for a DAW, but didn't like the instruments (which i later found out are actually very good, just don't look very appealing), so I got Komplete 6... in this case i needed a keyboard because using the keys on my mac was not cutting it... The MPK has held up nicely, and I got it for 200 bux on sale at GC, was going to get the M-audio 25... the launchpad i use for the dj'ing type stuff- mixing loops, 64-button drum pad, midi controller, and mixer controls...

if i got anything more than this, it might be an audio interface simply so I can plug my guitar in without my cheap Digitech pedal and my old Roland D-50... and some nice speakers and a microphone would be nice but those could always be better lol...

If i were to go out and buy anything but speakers, mic, or audio interface... I'd be wasting my money... and even then, I am managing just fine without them... I just wanted to start making music ASAP and got what i could and made use of that, it's better to have small amounts of stuff you know inside and out rather than lots of shit you still need to learn about
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