How do I make this sound?

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john gordon
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Re: How do I make this sound?

Post by john gordon » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:09 pm

sample a fart and throw some lfo on it

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Re: How do I make this sound?

Post by Isturite- » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:36 pm

that is a beat, which sound do you want? i hear a little odd organ sounding synth, some hi hats (very small), a very subtle and fast modulated pad, a kick, and a very synthetic tom and cowbell type sound... you should technically be able to make all the sounds in that with just massive or fm8, not saying that they are going to turn out exactly the same cuz that never seems to happen... but you can get some general sounds like that... if you tell me which particular ones you're talking about i might be able to help you out

get good with FM8, it's very different type of synth from massive and if you learn those two, your synthesis power will double!
Kevin Welch

DJ Tequila
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Re: How do I make this sound?

Post by DJ Tequila » Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:26 am

Find some e-keys and electric organ samples online. Rhodes, Wurlitzer and the like. You'll be able to find free ones all over, or house sample CDs (or liquid D&B CDs) are good for them.

Put a sample into Simpler and play with the amp evelope until you get a short sound - short attack, short decay, no sustain should do it. Or use a medium sustain, very tight decay and very tight release and make the midi notes short. (Should give you a better volume attack.) You can try moving the start point forward to remove the attack harmonics for extra smoothness.

Play a two note chord. Sounds like a third? Play around until you get the chord you like. (It seems to be playing a classic triad with the bassline as the root note. Nice.)

Slap some distortion on it. Overdrive is good. Be gentle.

If you're using Ableton build-in distortion (like Saturator), you may need to clean up the top-end with some EQ or filtering. Whack in an autofilter set to low pass and bring the cut-off down from the right to the left until you get the smoothness you desire.

If you have Ableton Suite or you've bought some add-ons, you could try the 'Electric' instrument instead of a sampler.

Now add in a delay, set to 16ths. Very low feedback. Filter delay would be good, but don't use the stereo channels on it, the delay isn't ping-ponging. You want quite a hard low-pass filter on each delay iteration to get the sound.

Finally, there is some width to the sound. Try adding a tiny amount of chorus. (A good, free chorus unit is available on the Kjaerhus website, along with other cool plugs.) There's also a 'spread' feature on Simpler which may help.

Good luck!

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