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Re: Battery 3

Post by Tibo2004 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:57 pm

OK, bought Battery 3 last week for $100, here are some thoughts. i try to make it Battery 3 vs Drum racks.

- For this (low) price, the 12GB library is in itslef a valuable addition to Live. Finding the .wav files in the library is not that hard and you can fairly import the samples in drumracks/simpler if you just want to have a 100% Live set (no VST)....

- The kit Libraries is well organized and depending on what you want to do you easily load the right kit. If like me beats are not your strong point, I think battery is more inspiring for beginners than drum racks.

- Affecting two or more cells at the same time is pretty easy in Battery. Easier to try effects on some specific samples. The ability for each cells to create more than one loop is also pretty cool and easy.

- What I really like compared to drum racks is the ability to see all your cells/samples (not just 16 at a time in drum racks) with different colors. I just like the visual feedback you get from Battery. Whats also very nice is that when you change a setting on one cell (lets say pan or volume) you see for all cells what that setting is. And it's also convenient to be able to have the size of the matrix you want (4 X 4, 5 X 7 or anything you want...)

- The Not so good stuff: As far as the Battery kits are laid out, I dont find the organization of the cells always straightforward and I don't get the MIDI CC assigned to the different cells, it's not always very logical to me.

- Following the previous point, the organization of kits is not consistent between the different kits. it's not like C1 will always load the main kick. So once you have your Midi clips, if you change the kit in battery it will probably lead to complete different beats.

- I dont really see what you could not do in Live that you can do in battery. Recreating partial kits in Live after using them in Battery might might be the way to go. However, it's almost impossible to completely recreate battery kits in drum racks because most of the time one CC notes triggers many two or more cells in Battery (OK you can technically do that in Live but it would take some time).

Right now I am trying to streamline my workflow (no I am not a consultant). Should I try to create drum racks with battery samples or try reorganize a little bit the kits in battery to try to have a more consistent midi mapping between all the kits.


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