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scale clip tempos to lock to master grid [math help]

Posted: Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:21 am
by Gabe
I made a cool percussion loop, thought I locked it to the master grid, then jammed out a few layered tracks over it. Then went to chop them up and realized that the main loop was off.

Algebra was a long time ago. I need some math help...

The sequence is currently at 60bpm.

The main loop was 92.76 bpm as originally warped
Fixed it is 70.87. Sequence tempo will be set to this.

The other loops ended up at 60bpm and 120bpm

I thought that since 92.76 * X = 70.87, where X = 0.764, I could do 120 * X and 60 * X to scale the other tracks to 70.87, but very wrong.

I feel like there's a constant missing. Can anyone help me figure out these other tempos?