Brown henke dither sighting.. what to do?

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Re: Brown henke dither sighting.. what to do?

Post by 3phase » Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:21 am

Palmer Eldritch wrote:
arafel wrote: Hey Palmer, ya..its not SRC (just non-neutral in Ableton terms :?)
Seems totally nonsensical, but page 520 of manual has this passage about volume automation = sound distortion
Hi arafel,

No problem to make mistakes :)

I just wanted to separate things because 3Phase talked about a problem with "Sample Rate Converting" (which, to be honest, I never observed till now - also not after doing the steps 3phase has described in this thread).

And I also think you are right, there are not enough information of 3Phase to resolve his issue with SRC (at least for me).

greetings, palmer

the only solve of my problem is to get rid of the over buggy nature of ableton live..

just realisticly.. in a program that had probably over 1000 different bugs during the last year..

how likely is it that the audio engine just stays clean in all that time?

The nature of the src bug is that it dont happens on a regular basis..

And there is a general tendency inside the program to screw things up because a higher internal tempo resolution than one can input..

so what happens when you change your master sample clock for ableton live setteling back to its original tempo values when getting the samplerate back to original again? the tempo is calculated on base of the samplerate? and does it gets this allways wright without rounding errors? even in such a samplerate back and forth test?

Has anybody at ableton ever tested this kind of standard scenarios?
as thrufully as the all flawed syncing?


yes no? dont matters much because as said earlier in this thread.. the biggest user bug is the one to expect this program to behave and deliver professionally.. its like taking a childrens bike to get to the moon...
was stupid from me to expect that..just got used to it so much in the last years that i forgot that they are the ugly duckling of daw´s and still dont focus on such core functionality so much..
Just because you use it for 10 years dont says that it has to behave like a studio daw now..
Its not doing that in many regards.. and probably never will be.. the tendency is actually in the other direction..more playground..less practical...

So the easiest way to dont worry is to just workaroundlton live...
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