Ableton live 8 & Akai MPK Midi

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Re: Ableton live 8 & Akai MPK Midi

Post by stefski » Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:04 pm

samtastic wrote:just picked up an MPK Mini also, and have now got it mapping to devices via the blue hand - woo : )

For anyone on a Mac, I found Mattadams' remote script and MPK preset very helpful (includes a readme file in the zip): ... 2#p1251562

Also, some advice to anyone having problems with AKAI's MPK Mini Editor Software (for Mac) or with Remote Scripts, here's what I learned (and re-learned - have done the same process ages ago with Korg's nanokontrol):

For anyone who has problems with the remote script (i found mattadams zip file - above - very helpful)...

once you have saved the script in the right place, which is as easy as dragging Matt's 'MPK Mini' folder to Macintosh HD>Users>[yourusername]>Library>Preferences>Ableton>[yourversion]>User Remote Scripts, the next step (which is where i messed up, and Matt doesn't mention it in his readme) is:

a) open live (or quit/reopen if it's already open), then
b) under the MIDI panel of Abeleton's preferences, select MPK Mini for *each* of the three columns, "Control Surface", "Input", "Output" (I forgot this the first time round and couldn't get it work for me).

For anyone else who has problems with the MPK Mini Editor Software (on a Mac):

I found that the version that came on CD wouldn't work properly on my Macbook (running OS 10.5.8 ) - I couldn't upload presets to the MPK Mini hardware

but it did work on my Mac Pro (running OS 10.6.4).

I tried downloading/installing the version that's on AKAI's website, but it would crash upon opening (on my Macbook with 10.5.8, haven't tried with the Mac Pro on 10.6.4

And then that caused the CD-version to crash also. Got the CD version opening again once I trashed the downloaded-version

Anyway, I couldn't get the software to upload the presets to the device - it should display a message 'upload successful' or similar - on my Macbook at all (it's running OS 10.5.8 ), but it all worked properly on my Mac Pro (OS 10.6.4).

maybe AKAI haven't properly tested the software with older versions of OS X?

hope that helps someone, rather than confusing them further : )
A little worried about running into trouble with the MPK Mini Editor... Don't suppose setting this control mapping up will hurt though. Need to try this one out as well, looks great. mattadms script also has (from the Readme file):

Preset_INT_ARP = Internal ARP (Enables Tap Button)
Preset_EXT_ARP = External ARP (Syncs the ARP to Ableton, make sure to enable MIDI-Sync for the MPK Mini in Preferences in Ableton)

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Re: Ableton live 8 & Akai MPK Midi

Post by ian_923 » Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:53 pm

i have this same problem with my mpk-mini in that turning the knobs shows a midi input indication in the small square top right hand corner but when i go into midi map mode and select a virtual knob such as pan i cant get them to assign!!! this is the only controller i have which this happens with, do i need to have a certain set up in midi preferences i cant find any documentation from Akai on how to set it up properly with Ableton Live. Also does anyone have the irritating problem that the editor doesn't open up on screen when Live is running to make any adjustments to the editor you have to close down Live first.
Any clear help with this problem would really be appreciated as i am on the verge of chucking it on ebay or more satisfyingly in the bin cos this is just crap!

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Re: Ableton live 8 & Akai MPK Midi

Post by khertz » Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:15 am

Hey Ian, which version of Ableton 8 are you using, should be fine if you are using 8.2.1 version if you ask me? Did you install the midi editor that was bundled with your Akai MPK mini when you bought it? Try downloading the latest midi editor from akai and re-run it again.

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Re: Ableton live 8 & Akai MPK Midi

Post by Montesque » Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:49 am

Took me about an hour to get it to work. It make ableton so much easier

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Re: Ableton live 8 & Akai MPK Midi

Post by khertz » Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:05 am

Well, the mapping works, but I don't see the control surface for AKAI MPK Mini, in my ableton live lite 8.2.2, strange? :roll:

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Re: Ableton live 8 & Akai MPK Midi

Post by psi6030 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:28 pm

Same problem here.

I've set up the UserConfiguration. The pads work, keyboard works, I can see the correct midi data coming in for controllers in MIDI Monitor, live's midi indicator blinks, set it as control surface in preferences but automapping does not work. Any ideas? Live 8.2.2.

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Re: Ableton live 8 & Akai MPK Midi

Post by woodswalker » Sun May 12, 2013 12:44 pm

A positive word on the AKAI mini! I just bought one of these, so far I am very pleased with it, it installed like a charm and showed up in Preferences just fine! It cost $70, has a 4-page manual, sets up in 10 seconds, and does things easier than some MIDI controllers that cost 4X as much. I believe that the AKAI knobs do not instantly MIDI map to Ableton's 8 encoders... but I don't see what's the big deal with that... the instant mappings in Ableton are mostly useless anyway.... they are just the first 8 parameters in an instrument. I usually prefer to map my knobs and encoders to an effect that will sound interesting. If you can't get the mappings instantly, just assign effects to a knob using the "purple" MIDI mode. The knobs are tiny but they work great! (haven't experimented with the pads as MIDI controllers yet, but I already know they play WAY better than the drum pads on the Novation SLMKii, which as I said, costs 4x as much. :)

Now if someone would create a controller with a USABLE XY touchpad.... that would be the Holy Grail!!

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Re: Ableton live 8 & Akai MPK Midi

Post by mojolama » Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:13 am

Thanks for the post. I followed the instructions and it worked the first time!

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