intel i3 - windows 7 vs xp - help me out here

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intel i3 - windows 7 vs xp - help me out here

Post by !STiTCH! » Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:43 am

Just got a new laptop with the intel i3-370m. Now up until this point I have always wiped the hd on a new comp and installed xp. Hate vista, and know xp inside out. However new laptop has windows 7. How does Live perform on 7 vs xp? Would I have more troubles running xp on the new i3 vs running live in windows 7? Anyone with experience, I would appreciate your input.


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Re: intel i3 - windows 7 vs xp - help me out here

Post by Khazul » Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:00 am

On that CPU and laptop etc - absolutely no idea.

However I can give you my experience of dual booting a an i7/920 clocked at 4Ghz (so no turbo boost, or power save etc) between Windows 7/64 and windows XP. Basically there was no measurable performance difference to 'normal' running of Ableton Live.

DPC latency (if you know what that is, if not, then google), is about 6-26us on that machine for XP and about 110-130 on Windows 7/64. This may explain why I can push XP upto much higher CPU use before audio cracks up than I could push Windows 7. (Talking 75% pratical limit on win7 vs 85% pratical limit on XP according to Live CPU use %age).

Generally I prefer Win7/64 generally to work with now Im used to it and have since deleted the XP partition.
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Re: intel i3 - windows 7 vs xp - help me out here

Post by oddstep » Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:00 am

I am running live on an i3 windows 7 64bit system. Its fine. My old laptop was a 1.6 ghz xp machine, with age related trauma... so as far as i am concerned its an improvement.

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