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Re: Things you wish you had known earlier...

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:30 pm
by 3dot...
seventhirtyfour wrote:What do you feel are some of the most essential production techniques for electronic dance music that would give someone new to Ableton and/or electronic dance music production a fat boost in their ability to produce quality music? Basically, some wise-words/guidance that would have been super helpful to know when you were just starting out. Thanks so much in advance.

can't really be taught quickly.. a lot of experience is needed..
it's basically a lifelong learning process..

the only suggestion I can give you is .. you need enthusiasm ..drown yourself in it
don't stop practicing unless you have to..
get as many hours of work in as you can possibly can.. composing . performing . recording. mixing etc...
it will train your ears well (this is a wide subject).. and give you some chops in your DAW. and learn stuff as much as you can.. many sources on the web.. and in bookstores..

get this : ... -TetwzVcIC ... 0240805453 ... 763&sr=1-2

Re: Things you wish you had known earlier...

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:21 am
by Muzik 4 Machines
3dot... wrote:
Muzik 4 Machines wrote:that live remote is limited to 1000 scenes, if i had known i wouldnt have spent 1000$ on suite+m4l and bought an octotrack instead, now i'm totally fcuked
more than a 1000 scenes ?! why?! what for ?

does octotrack give you a 1000 of (anything) ?
256 electribe patterns x5 variations per pattern

the octotrack i dunno if it goes over 1000 but IIRC it allows sub patterns like the RM1x did so i could have had say hi hats variations or fills into the pattern

the way my session is set up in live is every pattern in the esx sends a program change that calls a "main" scene in the live set, every main scene has 4 sub scenes (so every song takes 1 perfect page on the apc)
the 4 sub scenes are for variations/fills/breaks


song 1 scene 1 is the raw song
(every song in the set use the same tracks as its only midi so the sounds are changed on the hardware)
to fit the 2 apc, tracks are kick, snares, claps, percs, hats, crashes and more hats, followed on the second apc by the synths and samplers)

since i had to make concessions in the track number (normally i would have had kick snare ghost snare clap percs closed hat open hat crash reverse crash closed 2 open 2 but i had to reduce it so i ganged the snares, hats ans crashes, but i still want to have open only or closed only

scene 1 is everything like it came from the tribe (snare and ghost, open and closed hats)
on scene 2 i have the main snare only clip, closed hats only, etc, maybe a bass variation, synth variation
on scene 3 i have only ghost snare and only open hats, another synth variation/solo, bass turnaround
scene 4 and 5 are reserved for breakdowns/buildups

on scene 2-3 the kick, claps and percs are either just not there or also have variations depending on the pattern

my electribe was already full, hence the move to ableton, but to host all 256 scenes with the MINIMUM 4 variations (apc) i need over 1000 scenes, and some songs need 10 15 and some even 20 scenes (big remixes with lots of vocal parts)

i created already 2890 scenes in the session (will reduce it to probably 1500 once everything is set, and i can access them with the mouse, and they play when called from teh remote, but the display stop scrolling at scene 1000 whatever scene is playing

when i use the next/previous mapping from my midi controller, it also blocks at 1000, BUT using the scene select remote works(but 127 values on an infinite encoder on over 2000 scenes makes really rough jumps, as long as its before 1000 i can use scene up/down to fine tune, but over 1000 i need to use the mouse, which frankly in a live situation is totally lame IMOHO, especially since i invested many thousands in hardware and controllers to avoid even having to look at the screen, even less using the mouse

so it seems the unlimited scene they advertise is bullcrap, you can create them but cant access them remotely, so what's the use?

Re: Things you wish you had known earlier...

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:29 am
by One Reason


Two sweet racks... one hard choice...[/quote]
a 40000$ synth ..or a 50$ whore..
really hard one !

Thats easy, the $4000 whore.. of course :roll: Those tits look left-heavy 8O

Less is more, for sure.

Light pitch correction IS your matter how 'natural' you think your flat notes sound.

Focus on your strengths instead of trying to do what you just weren't wired for.

You do NOT play better after a few drinks.

Get friendly with an agent at Sweetwater, Guitar center, Tiger-Direct etc.. always use the same rep, they CAN shoot you deals.

Don't use shitty cabling.

Spend a little more and get something more than a USB interface, Latency is not your friend.

A good vocal mic..and a pop filter are your friends.

If 5 of 10 people say the song isn't that great, it probably isn't... the other 5 were probably feel good liberals, or your grandma's friends.. Don't be deaf to criticism.

Make a goal to finish X amount of tracks a week \ month \ year................... Yes... FINISH. :P

Dubstep.. will die... at some point.

Cheers! :wink:

Re: Things you wish you had known earlier...

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:46 pm
by lapieuvre
So if in a band, quit. Get out. Now.
- The Manual

2.Spend the money on professional earplugs, even if you're broke. Put it on your credit card.

3.Sibelius, not Finale

4.Read the manual

5.Tarekith's advices

6.Stop trying to make music that hasn't been done before. Just make music

Re: Things you wish you had known earlier...

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:25 pm
by gjm
Leave your studio space/desk as tidy/clean/organized as possible. Every time. If you play an actual instrument, make it as simple as possible to play it. Minimize the steps you have to take to 'make noise.' Think Access.

Re: Things you wish you had known earlier...

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:18 pm
by Ableton_David
Let's try to keep this discussion music-oriented, please - I'd rather not have to lock an otherwise-helpful thread. Please keep in mind when you post that the goal here is a productive discussion, and try not to derail it.

Re: Things you wish you had known earlier...

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:41 pm
by simpleton
Magik_10 wrote:
simpleton wrote:
Magik_10 wrote:Less is more... but girls will never agree to that fact.
Neither will guys


Two sweet racks... one hard choice...
This is interesting. The mod was Ableto CENSOR the image off of my original post but unable to do so from subsequent posts. How lame is that?! Freedom of speech prevails!
So this begs the question? How is an image of a CLOTHED female torso offensive? Why would the moderators try to remove it?

Re: Things you wish you had known earlier...

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:15 pm
by Felonius
Let's have a few threads about the difference between standard putters and belly putters, tying streamer flies from material found outdoors, and therapy for relieving Carpel Tunnel syndrome. After all, this is the Ableton Music and audio Production forum.