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sample BPMs

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:46 pm
by bedroomDJ
so i have samples saved that i want to use.. what i've done is put the sample im using side by side with a drum rack in arrangement view and drawn in the drums side by side with the audio... I've gotten it almost exactly but i noticed the bpms on my drum racks loop and the sample i have looping are different so even if they sound really close the first time they play.. they get more and more out of sync.. my goal is to resample the two clips into one so i have the sample with my own drums over it... I tried bringing the drums i made down to the same bpm as the sample is at but that seemed to mess things up even more when i played them together.. dose it maybe have something to do with the global bpms when i drew my drums in, or when i cropped and originally cut my sample out of the song..